Monday, May 21, 2007

That N-Word again...

Phaedrus was enjoying an anniversary meal with his lovely wife, celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in a quiet, respectable restaurant in a perfectly unremarkable mid-western town, when in strode an out-of-town nigger. Now “nigger” is NOT a word that Phaedrus likes to use. But in this instance it is the only appropriate one, as acknowledged by the villain of the piece himself, no less.
We were half-way through the main course when this NIGGER wearing a baggy, ill-fitting, pin-striped suit burst through the doors of the restaurant with half-a-dozen of his “homies” in tow and loudly blurted out to all: “SAY – CAN A NIGGER GET HIS DICK SUCKED HERE???”
There was much amusement at this outburst on the part of this nigger’s entourage. They seemed to think the whole thing immensely funny and were making with “high fives” between themselves in celebration of this disgusting utterance. They patted the orator on the back heartily and escorted him out of the building, joking about it between themselves. There was, however, nothing but a cowed silence among the (mainly white) diners.
Phaedrus would like to state here and now that, had our precious little girl been present at this dinner, the NIGGER in question would now be nothing more than a chalk outline on the restaurant floor. Thank God for concealed-carry and Liberal gun laws. New Yorkers eat your hearts out!
Just to finish up, a parting thought: not all niggers are black and not all blacks are niggers. Examples: Eminem: White Nigger (“whigger”). Snoop Dogg: NIGGER. The black guy who rescued someone from being run over by a New York subway train: Black, but definitely NOT a Nigger. Nelson Mandela: NOT a nigger; Robert Mugabe: NIGGER.
Phaedrus accepts that he’s likely to offend just about EVERYONE with this posting, but if so, that’s just Too Bad! Truth is all that matters. Long live Free Speech!!