Monday, May 21, 2007

China: the Last Beacon of Liberty?!?!

Russia has been taking a pounding lately from the “International Community” (Jews infesting the exterior ministries of Western countries in other words) on it’s democratic credentials. The country has been accused of “backsliding on democracy” (in other words, making it difficult for the Jews to take it over).
So much attention directed to Russia! But should not China more properly be the main target of Western castigation?
China will as likely as not become the world’s largest economy a relatively short time from now. It’s already a major, major international player on the world stage and is nuked-up to the eyeballs with ICBMs and conventional weapons and is currently engaged in a huge conventional arms upgrade program.
The first delicate whiffs of democracy in China where snuffed out in 1989 with the infamous Tiananmen Square Massacre. There were howls of anguish in the West back then, but since that time, somewhat surprisingly, a very conspicuous silence…. The sole exception in the last 15 years was Dick Cheney’s recent grumblings that China’s pace of re-armament wasn’t commensurate with it’s defense needs in the region. And that was that. All very muted indeed.
America in particular is always taking other countries to task over their human rights records, or else lambasting them for being anti-democratic or denying freedom of expression. But nothing these days is being said about China, which has an utterly appalling record in all these aspects. This omission strikes Phaedrus as most curious!
The answer to this curious contradiction can now be revealed, however…
Consider the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council (the nearest thing yet to a single World Government – the Jews’ ultimate goal). It comprises the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China.
Both the United States and Britain are now effectively ruled from Israel and have been for some years. And since the French presidential elections, France is now also the latest puppet of Israel with the Jew Sarkozy having won power in that country . Moreover, Russia is under attack from Jews both at home and abroad and if Putin does not stand firm, Russia too will fall to Israeli control. That would give Israel control of 4 of the 5 permanent seats, leaving only China to topple. But China is unconquerable by vested Jewish interests. Why? Because the Occult Jew can pass himself off as an American. He can pass himself off as a Brit. He can pass himself off as French, Russian, Hungarian, Italian, Australian, whatever. But he can never pass himself off as Chinese. He can never infiltrate this ancient, oriental race. His facial features simply don’t fit. He would stand out like a sore thumb. And that is just what a Jew CANNOT afford to do. Therefore if Russia falls to the Jew, the only hope for world peace lies with the Chinese! God help us all.