Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Jews' Agenda Exposed

Phaedrus spent most of last night awake, going through all the policy aspects that define so-called Western democracy nowadays in an attempt to find some core principles that could be attributed to Jewish interests. Phaedrus initially envisaged discerning maybe 5 at most. The end result of this sleepless night, however, gave rise to very many more. I've set them out below, so let’s examine what the agenda of these poisonous reptiles consists of..

Elimination of national frontiers/borders.

Elimination of foreign currency exchange controls word-wide to aid unimpeded capital flight.

The imposition of the chosen Jewish method of control – so called ‘democracy’ world wide.

Complete control of television, radio, newspapers, periodicals, magazines and advertising.

The encouragement of interbreeding between races.

The encouragement of unsustainable levels of immigration in Europe and the United States, whether legal or not.

Proxy control of Western governments (and that of Russia).

Direct control of international finance and banking.

The formation of ever-larger eco-political blocs and free-trade regions with uniform rules and standards that will one day all be merged to form the One World Government, which they of course will control.

The propagation of the mind virus that ‘political correctness’ is the enlightened, modern way to go and its rejectionists as in some way wicked and/or horribly old-fashioned.

The erosion of the 1st Amendment in the United States.

Stricter gun control measures in the United States.

The promotion via their media holdings of homosexuality, black/white mixed-race relationships and any other forms of aberrant and socially harmful behavior.

Engendering the idea through media control that blacks are superior to what they really are and whites are in fact, inferior to what they really are.

The idea that homosexuals and lesbians should be proud of what they are.

The restriction of free speech on the Internet.

The propagation of the concept of ‘Hate Crime’ – reminiscent of George Orwell’s ‘Thought Crime’ in his prescient, dystopian novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The encouragement of under-age sex preferably with other races through their numerous teenage magazine titles (the theft of childhood/theft of innocence).

Elimination of trade barriers and the creation of a global, business-friendly trading environment giving rise to massive job losses in Europe and America.

The debasement of traditional family values and the destruction of the family unit.

To ridicule and debase Christianity and other mainstream religions and anyone who dares uphold moral values.

To campaign for intolerance of `racism' and `homophobia.'

The promotion of “Affirmative Action” type programs that put the interests of hopelessly incompetent blacks ahead of struggling, hard working white business people.

The generation of internecine strife between Arabs.

The generation of inter-cultural tension in countries that have adopted Jew-promoted ‘multiculturalism.’

The expansion of a ‘Greater Israel’ into what remains of Palestine.

And remember from those Talmud quotes that the Jew really doesn’t give a damn about the damage he does to us in the realization of these aims. Unbelievably but true, to the Jews, we are no more than a sub-human peasant underclass to be exploited for their benefit and if they should damage or even destroy us on the way, then they will be rewarded in heaven for doing (their) God’s will. The Ten Commandments only apply between Jews; the gentiles do not enjoy their protection. That’s what they believe. The Talmud tells them so.

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