Saturday, May 19, 2007

Mrs. Merkel lectures Russia on how to run itself!

Should she not first sort out the scandal of Germany’s abandoned/neglected/abused children? Or the scourge of unemployment in the country’s north east? Or the colossal burden of burocracy and taxation choking German businesses? She seems to have her priorities all wrong.
It isn’t as if democracy in Russia epitomizes a long tradition of free democratic choice, as in Britain and the US it once did. And what business is it of the West how Russia is run, anyway? The vast majority of Russians are very pleased indeed with the transformation Putin has delivered from the wreckage left behind by the West’s great friend, Boris Yeltsin. It is only the carping of a few, self-interested Jews that roused a tiny rabble of malcontents, backed by the Jews of Israel, the US and the UK that find fault with the system, because they have been denied the opportunity to milk its success for themselves.
If these parasites are detained at the airport for just 2 hours – whether their passports were in order or not is immaterial – it is simply not newsworthy. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of women and children are trafficked and prostituted every day from the far east into Europe and no one seems anything like as much concerned about this truly awful state of affairs. Likewise the latest Israeli attacks on Palestine. Talk about pouring water on a drowning man. It seems to merit but muted media reports, but no action whatever from the so-called “international community” – a euphemism for the West’s Jew-riddled exterior ministries.
The best thing Putin can do is not even to dignify the existence of the Jewish opposition in his country and to those abroad who seek to support them, he should simply say quite bluntly, “Sorry, if our oil and gas isn’t good enough for you, you don’t have to take it. We’ll sell it to China instead.”
Russia needs no favors from anyone. It is on its feet again. It is still a major nuclear power to be reckoned with and it is very, very mineral-rich. It can afford the luxury of telling the Jew-controlled West to go to hell.