Friday, May 18, 2007

Not all Jews are out to get us...

Soldiers in uniform quite rightly enjoy the protection of the Geneva Convention. They can clearly be seen to be members of one side or another. No harm should befall them in the event of capture - beyond a temporary period of incarceration and interrogation, of course. Likewise with police officers. Any villain contemplating an attack on a uniformed police officer knows he’s going to get a stiffer sentence if caught. And that’s only fair, too (always provided, of course, that such an attack isn’t carried out for political reasons against an utterly corrupt or illegal regime which is oppressing its citizens and denying their rights.)
In Phaedrus’ opinion, the ultra-orthodox Jew with all the trappings of his faith shouldn’t be victimized for his beliefs, because he makes no secret of them by the open display of certain clothes which render him unmistakably a Jew to whom such beliefs can reasonably be attributed. Phaedrus has a certain respect for those who are open about what they believe in and make no secret of it. It doesn’t mean we have to like such people. They might be Jews, they might be policemen, they might be skinheads; it doesn’t matter. We know where they’re coming from simply by their appearance.
According to our individual political and/or religious preferences, we can modify our behavior accordingly. For example. If Phaedrus sees an Hisadic Jew on the street, he doesn’t indulge in heckling or spitting, at the person as some folks might. Phaedrus fixes the Jew with piercing eye-contact and a slow nod of the head that conveys the unmistakable message, “I know what your game is.” That’s all. Nothing threatening, nor is it intended to be. But the message will have got through, nevertheless, without a single word being spoken. Needless to say if such a Jew coming down the road tried to engage one conversation, it is obvious that it would only be some proposition of benefit to the Jew alone and to the other party’s detriment. So it’s best to simply walk on in silence. If a class of persons can be readily identified on sight, then we can take simple steps to avoid them no one’s endangered.
Contrast this situation with the first example above. A soldier in wartime who is either out of his uniform in a foreign country, or perhaps worse, wearing the uniform of the other side. Now we have a problem. There is deceit. The rules have been broken. Same applies with some ordinary citizen donning a police uniform. He’s purporting to be something that he isn’t. In both of these instances, unfair advantage can be gained by deception.
This is why we must always, all of us who constitute ‘gentiles’ (non-Jews) at any rate, be ever vigilant for Jews who APPEAR to be just like the rest of us. No religious garb overtly worn to give any indication as to that person’s character, ethnicity, or likely behavior. Jews whose names are not typically Jewish. Jews who have ditched their original family names and adopted common names from the country in which they now live. They don’t follow the Mosaic law like their brethren the Hisadic/Ultraorthodox Jew does with their characteristic, giveaway hairstyles and beards. They look just like you and me. This kind of Jew Phaedrus refers to as an “Occult Jew” from the Latin word whose root means ‘hidden’ or concealed. Of course, if this person runs a tailoring business or a cafĂ© or a car dealership, then he’s no ostensible threat to my country or my way of life. So that’s fine. But if he’s running a major corporation, or a bank, a TV station, a newspaper, an advertising agency, or has a job in the government or is trying to form a new political party or whatever; THEN, I’m afraid, we have a problem. This Jew is analogous to the soldier out of uniform. We know his innate beliefs entitle him to treat the rest of us worse than battery chickens for his personal gain. And if he’s in a position of power, then no matter what he may say to the contrary, he’s out to screw us. His Holy book gives him carte blanche to milk us for all we’re worth.
THIS Jew, reader, is the source of 90% of the world’s problems. He’s constantly claiming to be working in our interests and fighting for value, truth, justice – whatever - but in reality he is doing the exact opposite. He is enriching himself at others’ expense.
Prove it to yourself. The next time you see some big business has collapsed as a result of fraud, do a little bit of digging on the internet. Investigate the pasts of the CEO, the Managing Director or the Finance Director. You may be surprised to find that in the VAST MAJORITY of instances, at least one of these key figures will be Jewish. But you’ll hardly ever, in any TV, radio, or newspaper report, be informed of this vital detail. It’s something you have to discover for yourself…
Here, let us make things easy for your first investigation: LORD BLACK, formerly of Hollinger International. Black is simply the latest in a long, long, long line of Jewish crooks going back centuries. Happy investigations…