Thursday, May 10, 2007

Paris Hilton: too exciting and glamorous for prison?

Phaedrus does not normally pay any attention to ‘celebrities’ and their goings on, but the publicity storm surrounding a certain Paris Hilton’s prison sentence would appear to warrant some comment.
This woman, as we are given to understand, has committed relatively serious traffic violations in respect of drunk driving and driving whilst under a license suspension. The sentence is a pretty lenient 45 days. Not much, quite frankly, for endangering the lives of innocent children and adults by her total selfishness. It is not, obviously, as if she couldn’t afford the services of a chauffeur or taxi driver after all.
Now a report has surfaced that she has stated that she shouldn’t be jailed because she brings glamour and excitement into people’s lives! Paedrus almost choked on reading this. It shows how totally out of touch with reality these ‘celebrity’ types are. Does she seriously expect the sentence to be dropped on account of her fame? And what about all those people (such as this commentator) who derive no excitement or glamor whatsoever from her antics? Or those who haven’t even heard of her? Or worse, have no knowledge of her other than seeing the odd magazine shot of her falling about drunk at parties? As a role model for young women, she’s about as bad as it gets.
It’s always tragic when someone is sent to prison. But often times they do come out as better people. A short spell in jail for Ms. Hilton would show her just how lucky she has been. To rub shoulders with other women whose early lives have been so blighted that they never had so much as a sniff of a chance of growing up to lead normal, useful lives might prove a valuable and humbling experience, resulting in some much-needed personal growth for her.

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