Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cash for Honours moves closer to trial

The file of evidence concerning UK government corruption of the House of Lords has since been passed to the prosecutor’s office for evaluation. It is to be hoped there will be charges forthcoming, because this is, on the face of it, one of the most blatant examples of political gerrymandering since the Westminster Council ‘Homes for Votes’ scandal that was initiated by Mrs. Thatcher’s old friend, Dame Shirley Porter - now long since fled back to Israel in disgrace.
Notorious war criminal Tony Blair appointed the Jewish Lord Levy (popularly known as “Lord Cashpoint”) to sell-off seats in the House of Lords in return for - effectively - donations to Blair’s Labour party. Predictably, the Jew sold off these seats (which confer REAL political power throughout the world, unbelievably) to his cronies from Israel and beyond who predictably set about consolidating their grip on Britain and its foreign policy by brow-beating ministers to let them represent Britain abroad through its exterior ministry - the UK’s “Foreign Office” (Levy also managed to get himself appointed the War Criminal Blair’s “Special Envoy to the Middle East”). So there you have it: the Jews get themselves sent at public expense to the Middle East purporting to act as honest brokers on behalf of Britain to bring peace to the region, whereas in fact they are in reality simply representing the interests of ISRAEL and ISRAEL ALONE. So the next time dozens of Palestinian children are killed by the Jewish security forces and the “international community” remains silent, you’ll know exactly why: the “international community” is represented by Israeli agents whose only interest is to bury the truth and advance the aims of this ephemeral, artificially-created pseudo-state.

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