Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Israel´s Next Moves Forward

It was interesting to see the political demonstrations in Russia last week. Chief protagonist and former world chess champion Gary Kasparov being arrested for rabble-rousing against democratically-elected president Putin in particular. Putin has done a creditable job of rescuing Russia from the wreckage of the Yeltsin (no offense, Yeltsin, RIP) era and he justifiably enjoys popular support for so doing. Only this tiny, rag-tail minority of malcontents led by Kasparov sees things differently. They are unhappy because they feel they are being denied a slice of the Russian national cake. The icing on this cake is Russia’s formidable oil and gas reserves. Many of the old oligarchs who profited under Yeltsin and raped the country for all it was worth have taken their ill-got riches and retired abroad to pursue their hobbies like running English football clubs and so forth, but a minority yet cling to the notion that they are still owed something from Mother Russia and Kasparov in Moscow and his co-conspirators in London and Israel are just such would-be claimants on the immense mineral wealth of the former USSR. They maintain they are fighting to defend the Russian Constitution, but in truth they are doing nothing of the sort. Their principal interest lies in SELF-ENRICHMENT. They are but agents of Israel intent on sucking every dime of oil and gas wealth from this once-great country. Control of Russia would also give them overall control of the UN Security Council since they already control the votes of the USA and the UK. Ousting Putin would give them control of 3 of the 5 coveted permanent seats. And if they can contrive to get the Hungarian Jew Nicolas Sarkozy installed as French president (as seems a distinct possibility) then that will be effectively 4 out of the 5 seats, so bringing Israel two BIG steps closer to the One World Government (from Tel Aviv, of course) that the Jews have been working towards for so long.