Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yet More Billions Squandered on Israel

An ADDITIONAL THIRTY BILLION of our tax-dollars squandered on this crummy, bankrupt, illegal regime? You gotta be NUTS.

When are we going to start putting our OWN people FIRST? Why do we continue to bail out the criminals and murderers of Israel when our own people's needs are so pressing? What the hell gives 'our' government the right to fritter away OUR hard-earned cash in hand-outs to Jews and Jew-friendly regimes in the Middle East?? It can only be because America itself is infested with Jews at every level of government.

Phaedrus' father, Phaedrus Snr., like so many of our countrymen, fought in WW2 and Korea and served with distinction in each. That service came at great cost to him personally, but was willingly rendered nevertheless as a patriotic duty. What was that personal cost? Decades of 'living' with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and severe clinical depression, plus impaired hearing, sight only in one eye and only one leg to get about on. What help did the government give him? None. And when Phaedrus Snr. was aged and needed a heart op he couldn't afford (because he'd had to spend everything he had on medical bills for the prior problems) there was no money available for state-funded health care. Not even for true, self-sacrificing Patriots like Phaedrus Snr.

Why was there no money available to fix-up this distinguished ex-serviceman? Because 'our' government has for decades been siphoning off our tax-dollars and funneling them to Israeli Jews. The government clearly puts the interests of the Jews way above those of its own people. The Jews' second illegal war in Iraq alone has already cost us $600bn and achieved nothing but the deaths of over three-and-a-half thousand of our young service personnel. Think how much better use that money would have been put to if it had been spent instead on deserving causes at home. How much longer are we going to permit this massive fraud against us to continue??