Monday, August 13, 2007

"Tiger" Woods???

Why do Negroes like Woods always have this obsession with sexual potency? Why do they invariably have to define themselves according to the size of “muh dick”? Why does Niger Woods have such a dumb, stupid name like “Tiger” implying that he’s something amazing and dynamic between the sheets? Why do the BBC, CNN, ABC and other Jew-controlled broadcasters around the world keep crowing about this nigger’s “WORLD’S NUMBER ONE” status incessantly? It’s like they get an orgasm out of constantly hyping-up this smelly piece of shit. Why do they unendingly gush over this worthless nigger’s standings in the golf championships and his supposed sexual potency if not to tempt other latent coal-burners like his “white bitch ho”to hitch themselves up with similar niggers to suffer the same fate? Surely we as decent folks are owed an explanation here?