Friday, August 3, 2007

Barack Obama assures Israel: “I’m your man”

America’s Great Black Hope for next president of the USA has sent out a clear signal to his backers in Wall Street that he’s the man for them. Obama’s campaign contributions come chiefly from “hedge funds” – an obfuscatory euphamism for the Street’s Jewish-owned merchant banks.

Is there ANYONE out there the Jews can’t buy?? This is the guy that was supposed to be whiter than white (excuse the pun) and totally incorruptible: a true man of the people. Now he’s revealed himself to be just another agent of Israel on the take. How? By stating so clearly and publicly that he was prepared to out-Bush Bush over Pakistan. Obama has stated that he would be prepared to launch an attack on Islamic extremists inside Pakistan sovereign territory whether Pakistan likes it or not (and needless to say, they DON’T!)

Obama never had Phaedrus fooled, however. This blogger is too long in the tooth to believe the empty rhetoric of power-hungry politicians with their eyes on the Top Job. In fact Phaedrus is permitting himself some measure of supercilious gloating, because he remembers how lauded this disingenuous Negroid was within the black blogosphere which believed he would prove to be their savior and a fresh new broom to sweep away all the corruption and prejudice of the past. A ‘black Jesus’ to some poor fools, no less.

Will the Democrats kindly put forward a candidate who is NOT in the pocket of Israel? It could just be a cross-party, unifying vote-winner…