Saturday, August 25, 2007

CNN's latest progaganda: God's Warriors

Phaedrus, like countless others, has just wasted 6 hours of his life watching this pile of crap from Cable Jews Network. Have YOU seen it? No? You are fortunate indeed. This concise summary of just one paragraph will take about 2 minutes to read and save you 5hr.58m of your valuable time and won't insult your intellect like the original. Here's the synopsis:

Basically, 99% of Arabs are ruthless terrorists who will happily kill anyone, women, children and the disabled included, in cold blood to get a free ticket to paradise. On the other hand, only about 1.5% of Jews were terrorists but they've since renounced violence. The Jews didn't get Israel through terrorism (let's conveniently forget the atrocities of Stern and Irgun shall we) and in reality only sort-of-half-swindled the Palestinians out of it with a few slick tricks. And anyway God gave them the land (it says so in Genesis) and who would dare question the Bible?
Further, the Jews enjoy tremendous support from evangelical Christians who concur that the foundation of Israel was a major step in the path to the realization of God's Plan. The Arabs are all bastards and the Jews and the Christians are in full agreement on this. When the end of the world comes and the Messiah appears to redeem the True Believers, he might be Jewish or he might be Christian, but he certainly won't be Islamic for CNN has spoken!!!

Incredibly, dear reader, that is the sum total of this embarrassingly pointless three-part series. Phaedrus was somewhat confused after watching it, because the Jews and the Christians are being portrayed as best buddies-in-arms in a just fight against Muslims, who are all evil hate-mongers and suicide bombers.

Reality check please! Phaedrus personally knows NO Christians that have anything but a healthy contempt for the Jews. Even Jesus (Jewish himself) said that the Jews were of their father: the Devil. That doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement of Judaism - from one who would clearly know - does it?

Furthermore, Phaedrus would like to point out that though he has met countless Arabs, he has never yet met one who was in any way discourtious or aggressive or whatever. Likewise, Phaedrus has met countless Jews. And uniquely, among all the foreign peoples of Phaedrus acquaintance, he has never, ever, met a nice Jew. Not even once. They have all, without exception, been (at best) slimy manipulators and exploitative back-stabbers who use a person for as long as it suits them and then dumps them.

No one likes to have to leave their kids by a complete stranger for so much as 5 minutes (it's every parent's worst nightmare) but with no foreknowledge of the potential trustees involved, and if there were no other option, Phaedrus would be far, far happier to leave his children with an unknown Arab than an unknown Jew by a very BIG margin.

One doesn't have to look too far for an explanation for God's Warriors, this epic theft of valuable time and Crime Against Truth: CNN is owned by AOL Time-Warner - 100% Jewish-owned - lock, stock and barrel. Now who would have guessed that, huh?