Friday, August 10, 2007

Britain: bellwether for the future of America

The same dark forces seeking to destroy our freedoms and way of life here in the US are also at work in Britain and Europe – and have been for rather longer and with considerably greater success.

Unlike the US., Britain (like many other European countries) does not have a Constitution as such (this is an arguable assertion, but skeptics must accept that there are no immutable rights granted under the 1680 Constitution that cannot be, and indeed HAVE been, overturned on a whim by Parliament – and therein lies the problem for our British cousins, for it makes it hellishly difficult to dig in one’s heels against the erosion of rights, no matter how vital it may be.)

In the US, on the other hand, OUR Constitution and Bill of Rights represent a massive, immovable monolith to which we are all, whether we like it or not, chained – praise be to God. Of course the Jews and their cronies in the government, judiciary and media will claim otherwise and IF we’re dumb enough to succumb to their filthy lies, we shall DESERVE to die out as we surely will as a consequence of our ignorance and/or apathy.

The British have had their rights whittled away under successive Jew-controlled governments of all colors over the course of many decades. This is largely because unlike ours, their Constitution – such as it was back then - was built on shifting sands. OUR founding fathers, on the other hand, took Magna Carta as a base model for our fledgling country, but were far-sighted enough to see that its simple and trusting provisions were open to attack from the Enemies of Freedom. The lessons learned from the intervening 561 years of history had been well-learned!

Thus, unlike the Brits, we really have NO EXCUSE if we permit the Jews and the Gentile Cockroaches in their thrawl to erode our founding principles in any way. These principles are already immutably set-out for us in stone and NO debate over their legitimacy is necessary or appropriate. All that is needed is their DEFENSE with our own blood, sweat, toil and tears (to quote Churchill) if need be. And regrettably once again, IT IS NECESSARY. Not tomorrow; not next week; but TODAY and EVERY DAY.

Has Britain REALLY departed so far from the right path? See the next entry (following shortly) and decide for yourself.