Monday, August 27, 2007

Disarming America II

It cannot have escaped our collective attention that for many decades now, our movie industry has glamorized the illicit use of firearms. Take any new thriller release and you will, almost without exception, find a cover shot of some cool-looking dude toting a slick semi-automatic pistol, an Uzi, or an assault rifle. The list of such films is endless. James Bond was probably the first character in popular fiction to marry the handgun with the sharp tuxedo to set the style off and the rest has been history and much movie theater ticket $ale$ and swelled coffers have resulted.

Never one single month goes by without some cool-lookin' dude totin' a pistol (or oftentimes something very much heavier) on the cover shot of some new Hollywood release. Think about it. Seriously! Try to write down every single film you have ever seen that glamorizes firearms and you will be up all night, writing furiously and you will still never exhaust the long, long, long list of titles going back over half a century. If you don't believe old Phaedrus, or have simply led a very sheltered life, just take a mosey around your local video rental store and verify the above statement for yourself.

Anyone with any sense must surely be able to see a correlation between these crappy movies and today's tally of gun killings. Guns are NOT a fashion accessory, in spite of what Hollywood unceasingly tells us to the contrary. Guns are enjoyable sporting accessories and a vital means of civil and self defense against an attack by the criminal(s) against the law-abiding. So why have these oh-so-important-opinion-formers in Hollywood and elsewhere chosen to show the gun in an altogether more glamorous and dangerous light?

Young people and young BLACK people in particular are incredibly vulnerable to the influences of popular culture and STYLE. If the movie makers in Hollywood project an image that makes it glaringly obvious that stuffing a gun down your waistband is "cool" then that's what you've gotta do! Then of course the same bunch of opinion formers tell you that if someone "disses you" (shows you disrespect, for the grown-ups reading this) in any manner you gotta blow their sorry ass away, then that's what you gotta do, too!

The inescapable conclusion from the above observations (which anyone with any experience of movie-going will well know) is that Hollywood (96% Jewish controlled) is using its immense influence to encourage gun violence among our young people. But why the hell would they want to do that??

Simple minded folk will just look at the overall picture of gun crime in our country and conclude that this madness must end. They won't look deeply into the core issue at all; it is just plain obvious that guns must be outlawed! it simply won't occur to the average American regular-movie-going cretin that the REAL blame lies with the movie-makers who have re-defined the gun's significance in celluloid for their own purposes - to fuel outrageous levels of gun violence in our cities in order to engender a tide of popular pressure to have all private gun ownership banned!

Some day yet to come, the majority of the American people may just be brainwashed enough to be screaming for guns to be outlawed - rather than for FILMS that glamorize and misrepresent the gun to be banned. Only people like you and me can stand between them and the government of the day to ensure that it's the Hollywood FILTH that gets flushed down the tube and NOT our inviolable gold standard: the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms.