Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The most SHOCKING thing you'll probably ever read about the Jews...


This is without doubt THE most thoroughly unpleasant and sickening essay I have EVER had to write. I've avoided this little-known aspect of Judaism for two main reasons: firstly that it's such a deeply disturbing subject that every decent person will be horrified by reading about it, and secondly that I've always maintained that these ultimate horrors of Judaism should be kept in reserve until AFTER the war has been won, for fear that ordinary people who read this will (in their blissful ignorance) find it utterly impossible to believe and conclude that this sickness is in OUR minds, and not in the minds of the perpetrators. It's a tough call to make this decision, but the truth will out sooner or later. The only caveats we should make for anyone contemplating reading what follows below is that they be mature adults over 21 years and NOT suffering from ANY kind of acute or chronic depressive or psychotic illness. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Regular readers of this blog will be well aware that Phaedrus has always railed against the phony concept of the so-called "Judeo-Christian tradition" for a number of perfectly valid reasons. For this stance, there have been (predictably) attacks against World Peace from the hot-headed delusionals within the Southern Baptist movement. These are the people that still hold to the 'literal truth' of the (Jew-scripted) Old Testament and dutifully believe every word of it - and are presumably therefore prepared to accept that they will therefore be the eternal slaves of the Jews. Strange, but true. Yes, these are the God-fearing folks you've seen with gnarled knuckles and knobbly fingers acquired from the practice of 'taking up serpents' and being stupid enough to believe God would protect them doing such a dumb-ass thing. These people claim to be Christians, yet they're strangely preoccupied with the welfare of Jesus' murderers, the Jews, and this tribe of vampires' mystical and biblical homeland, Israel.

Anyway, Phaedrus has been castigated in the recent past for writing essays that were supposedly too verbose (presumably by people who were keen to get back to watching American Idol or Fox News) so we shall attempt to keep this account as succinct as possible. Throughout history, gory depictions have been made by classical artists of Jews, represented as demonic entities, sucking the blood of innocent children before sacrificially slaughtering them in 'religious ceremonies' contrived to bring them (the Jews) great riches in this world by virtue of their primordial pact with the Devil. Jewish scholars and apologists have airily dismissed these representations out-of-hand as "classic Anti-Semitism" and there appeared - at first sight - to be no reason why they were not correct in this dismissal, because the acts represented in these depictions were so far-fetched to the healthy mind that they could scarcely, on the face of it, be conceived out of anything less than simple, resentful hatred towards Jews.

But the Truth is far, far uglier than a healthy mind can conceive and leads us to the inescapable conclusion that there is NO common ground whatsoever between Judaism and Christianity. What it DOES show is that there is EVERY indication that Judaism and Satanism are two names for the same belief system. Who among us has heard of the term, "Blood Libel"? Probably a fair percentage of those in the know, agreed. But do you REALLY understand what it means? The term implies a lie. Libel is a form of malicious falsehood, but what we're examining here in this essay is nothing but the horrifying TRUTH. You can describe it best as "high Judaism" (the expression in effect is directly equivalent to the Satanists' term, "high magick." So what actually happens in one of these ceremonies? We shall come to that in a moment, but please bear in mind (you can check this for yourself simply by reading much of the Old Testament) that a few thousand years ago, the Jews would make atonement for their sins by offering up a blood sacrifice to their God. This would be in the form of a live animal; "an unblemished beast and the finest of the field" as it is written. It would typically be a goat or a sheep and would have its guts slashed out over a blood-spattered alter and then burned, as a gesture of appeasement to the Jewish God (who, we are told, found the smell of burning flesh "pleasing" - it's in the Bible so go read it! It was important that the sacrifice be of the FINEST of the field and without blemish, for anything less than perfection was feared to be an insult to their God. In Judaism, there are various different rites of sacrificial offering, depending on the gravity of the religious law broken (and there are so MANY) or the favor sought.

In 'high Judaism', the principle was extended somewhat further with the periodic sacrificial slaughter of a HUMAN CHILD to enable the Tribe to enjoy great material riches and influence on earth. The noblest form of such sacrifice was determined by the Rabbis of that time to be a young, prepubescent male of around 11 years of age - again, the fairest and purest that could be found. The Talmud states that this child should be of Jewish parentage (since Heathens (non-Jews) were inferior and consequently of less sacrificial value) and prescribes the method of sacrifice, which we will have to examine shortly, unfortunately (the squeamish are advised to click "close" while they still can). Now at this point, Phaedrus feels obliged to point out (in order to preempt any accusations of pro-Jewish bias) that many historians report that Christian children were similarly dispatched by the Jews (if deemed beautiful and saintly enough) but though this may be true, World Peace has been unable to substantiate these reports (there's no reference to the sacrifice of Christian children in the Talmud) so they shall not be considered here. If anyone has any CREDIBLE AND VERIFIABLE sources that can show otherwise, of course, then please add your links to the comments section below.

The sacrifice itself:
The ritual killing of an innocent young child (he MUST be innocent or he's already violated and therefore worthless) shares its methodology equally between Judaism and Satanism alike and is carried out for exactly the same reasons: to gain power and wealth on the part of its observants in THIS world. In case anyone is foolhardy enough to reproduce this posting on an entry-level Jew-awareness site, we'll skate around some of the very "least pleasant" aspects of what follows below. Again, this is your FINAL chance to look away...

The child is stripped naked and fastened to a pillar above a tablet of salt. Those present then proceed to make a number of incisions into the child's arteries all around his body. The child will become extremely distressed at this point and his metabolic rate will go through the roof. Blood consequently flows freely. Then the 'priest' in charge of the ceremony will rub a caustic, burning substance into the child's flesh which triggers an out-rush of adrenaline and the body's natural painkillers, endorphines (powerful stimulants) from the child's endocrine system. These quickly manifest in the spurting blood and the assembled initiates then insert straws deep into the previously opened arteries and drink the 'charged blood' with its heady cocktail of supercharged, natural envigorants. Enervated by this sudden rush of power, the initiates then proceed to the climax of the ceremony, where the child's dying body is cast into the flame pit before the Jewish idol known as Moloch. His screams are drowned out according to historical record by the deafening chanting and beating of drums. The initiates, envigorated by the child's hormones, are then sufficiently enervated to perform the ritual magick that will - in their twisted belief system - make them powerful and wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. It really is nothing other than the continuance of a pact with the Devil and remarkably, for so many Jews over the centuries, it appears to have worked!

As stated above, the most bestial details of this 'ceremony' have been skipped over but the reader will have at least a half-complete picture by now of the procedure. And this vile practice continues to this very day, with babies purposely BRED for the purpose.

All too far-fetched for you? Perhaps you'd like to believe it is (what NORMAL person wouldn't?) but there are web resources that back this account up beyond question. First hand accounts of penitents who have witnessed these horrors and have determined to speak out about them over the only platform that can accommodate the unfettered truth: the Internet.

If you remain a disbeliever in the degree of Evil that our much-persecuted friends, the Jews, are capable of then may we suggest you do a little research of your own through your favorite search facility. Just try to avoid doing so before or after a large meal.


Greg Bacon said...

The sacrifices continue to this day, with American kids being sacrificed on the Jewish altar of war in Iraq.

Don't forget to add in the million plus Iraqi's who've been gutted and sacrificed to appease the Jew god of war, which appears to be the only god Jews have, besides the one called Mammon.

Next up?

The ultimate sacrifice as the Zionists get on their war with Iran and we have a true "burnt offering."

Only this time, with Israel using nukes, since they can't defeat the Persians in a fair fight, this time the number for this holocaust will be 666 million sacrificed to the Jew god of war and not the phony and fictious number of 6 million that every being on the planet is supposed to automatically regurgitate every time the hear the word Holocaust™

When the mushroom clouds are popping up over Iran, and our troops in Iraq are being used for target practice by enraged Shiite Muslims, in Tel Aviv, they'll be slapping one another on the back and drinking toasts to the latest mass murders they've committed.

And then go running to the banks and stock exchanges to pick up all that gold they made betting companies stocks would fall after the latest Jew initiated tragedy.

That's our Jewish friends in Israel: Thieves, liars and mass murderers.

apollonian said...

Talmud: Ritualized War Strategy/Philosophy, Highly Elaborated
(Apollonian, 5 Aug 08)

Indeed, necessary question arises as to what exactly is Judaism/Talmudism?--BUT WAR OF CONQUEST against gentiles--and then WORSHIP thereto regarding this war. So, note this Talmudic war doesn't stop as lower-level Jews get sacrificed to top masterminds ("rabbis"). See RevisionistHistory.org, TruthTellers.org, and Come-and-hear.com for best Talmudic expo/ref.

Thus it (Talmud) isn't necessarily satanism--except as such satanism aids/serves in great Talmudic war effort. Talmud is certainly satanic (adversarial) to extent it combats Western/gentile consideration of objective reality (thus "God-created"), rejected by Jews and Talmud. Thus Jews hold God did not create reality; rather Jews create it, and only what Jews say is true.

So Talmud is great manual of subjectivism and hubris by which everything is sacrificed to this single-minded warfare--warfare itself is worshipped. Lies and lying are worshipped, esp. as such lies are weapons/instruments of warfare and Talmud. And thus Jews are worshipped, Jews as God. Any "God" then is mere agent of Jews, in accord w. what Jews say.

And Talmudic Ritual Murder (TRM) then is redundant as Talmud is itself (a) a ritualistic of its own, and (b) again, a war strategy, war simply itself legalized murder.

And when Jews murder--they can always say "God" told them to.

Thus we see Talmud is simply elaborated war philosophy/strategy carried over fm early and primitive war-Gods of early civilzations/cultures. And Jews consider if they don't do and conduct this warfare and Talmudism against gentiles, it will merely be done against them, Jews. And why shouldn't/wouldn't Jews so conduct warfare against gentiles?--esp. if gentiles are so stupid to tolerate it?

And note Jews and Talmud would only be tolerated by gross hubristic gentiles in first place. Toleration of Jews is itself indication/sign/symptom of a dysfunctional gentile society.

How does such Judaism/Talmudism arise within culture and history?--out of human and gentile hubris. For once lies and lying become intellectual coin of the human realm, only the most intense lies will then prevail, obviously, given the circumstances.

Historically, such CYCLIC activity of lies arises as function of over-population and hubris. Observe then gentiles who thrive and succeed for culture eventually corrupt to self-delusion and hubris, pretending to Pelagian hereticalism ("good-evil," "good-works"), by which COUNTERFEIT scam is instituted--see RealityZone.com for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank fraud, most sublime fraud which only very few understand.

Thus latest surge of rationalist-styled Pelagianism, dating fm Rousseau, Kant, and Eng. Utilitarians led to socialism, communism, and now world dictatorship of United Nations (UN)--see TheNewAmerican.com for expo/ref.

CONCLUSION: Thus gentiles, presently struggling within "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, must remove Jews in way of Jew-expulsion, as of original St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent. For if gentiles do not exterminate such insane Judaism/Talmudism, gentiles will themselves be exterminated, obviously as we see presently. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

imsamhi said...


Anonymous said...

Greg Bacon: Excellent commentary on Phaedrus' staggering (and yes, sickening) expose. you're right on the money as always. Love your bitter, incisive, gut-wrenching posts...

Even if we have no proof that these warped, self-aggrandizing sadistic rituals DO continue up unto this very day, we stupidly and whole-heartedly endorse (well some of us) OUR people and the ARABS to be sacrificed for no other reason than these murderous, Zionist marauders coveting their land and assets and satiating some blood-thirsty lust (see: CENTCOM’s Master Plan and U.S. Global Hegemony

They sure as hell aren't sacrificing THEIR children for timeless Jewish warmongering. Note that the two years obligatory military service required of Israeli youth is nothing more than mandatory terrorist training using the unarmed Palestinians' as their target practise for their inherent sadism and festering hatred, and thus an ensuing guarantee that THEIR hides emerge unscathed. I'd bet money I could count on my two hands the number of Jewish enlistees serving in Iraq.

I wrote on Curt's blog that those technically-savvy individuals' amongst us (I'm not one of them) need to start online petitions to Congress with a graphic warning - something along the lines of:

If you even THINK about making a move on Iran or harming one hair of an Iranians' head on behalf of Israel or allow Israel to make such a move, read Article V of our Constitution you treasonous bastards.

They would GET the MESSAGE...

Voir Dire

curt maynard said...


All the word "Satan" means is adversary, and when understood in that context, one can easily see how it is that the Jews subscribe to Satanism. And in fact, thay do.

curt maynard said...

Phaedrus, please send me an email, I'd like to mention something outside the public realm.


incipiat said...

If you want to get a better understanding of just what the jews have done in their rituals, read about the death of St. Simon of Trent. The little boy tortured and crucified by the jews in the 1400's.

Unfortunately this little Saint has fallen victim to the jew controlled world we live in and even church men have down played or outright ignored this little boy's life and martyrdom at the hands of the vile and vicious jews.

Anonymous said...

Jews pretend to be offended at being called on their history of child murder while people like Ruth Bader Ginsburg sits on the Supreme Court saying our Constitution protects sucking the brains out of half-born infants and maggots like Morgenthaler get the highest civilian honor in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Toaff's "Bloody Passover" which chronicles this historical fact, is now online.


- Fr. John

Anonymous said...

Hey, some great comments from you guys. It *is* shocking that they're breeding children for ritual sacrifice. I believe it is *still* happening as there is a video of the Oprah Winfrey show on Google or Youtube where one of the survivors speaks out about it (happened in the Chicago area). How can anyone doubt these people are the worst form of sub-human/inhuman filth imaginable?
Great work, Pahaedus!

Greg Bacon said...

Whether or not you're a reader of informationclearinghouse.info by a man named Tom isn't the reason for this posting--Yes, it's an excellent site for news you won't see on JNN or FUXED News.

Tom's life has been threatened and maybe, just maybe if we get this out to enough people, we can give Tom some breathing room.

After all, Israel has proven time and again in the past that the only way they deal with a situation or perceived problem is with a bullet to the head.

Information Clearing House Publisher Threatened

Mike Whitney – Fly by News August 6, 2008

My friend Tom Feeley is in Big trouble. He runs the web site informationclearinghouse.info which updates "news you won't find in the corporate media" every day. The site is strongly anti-war.

Tom has gotten his share of death threats over the years, but what happened this week is a lot more serious.

Two days ago, Tom's wife found three well dressed men in their kitchen. The man who did all the talking, told Tom's wife (I won't give her name) that Tom must "Stop what he is doing on the Internet, NOW!" As crazy as it sounds, he pulled back his lapel and showed her a gun of some kind which she could not identify. Like I said, Tom has been threatened before, but nothing like this. 4 years ago, he was in a parking lot at Long's Drug store in Southern California and when he tried to open his door to get out, a man in a car next to him opened his door at precisely the same time which prevented Tom from getting out. Then, a 40-ish year old man got out of the passenger side of the vehicle and approached Tom saying, "You need to stop what you are doing on the web".

Tom said the man was overweight and had his shirt untucked. Tom was taken aback, but (after collecting himself said) "What the fuck? Who do you think you are telling me what I can do?"

The man answered, "Tom, I'm just giving you some good advice. You should take my advice, Tom."

This is all I know about the incident. Since, then, there have been occassional death threats, but nothing like what happened on Sunday. Tom's wife is hysterical and has not returned to the house since the incident. She contacted the FBI but the FBI said their was nothing they could do. Tom and his wife separated recently after a 30 year marraige, so he is publishing from a different location.

The well-dressed man told Tom's wife that he knew where her son lived, what line of work he was in, and how many children he had.

Last night, Tom's son and a friend cruised the neighborhood where his mother lives to see if anything strange was going on. They came across two men in a car a half-block from their mother's home using their laptops at roughly 12:30 AM. When Tom's son and friend approached them, the car sped off. Tom, does not know whether this is connected to his situation, but it is definitely suspicious.

I talked to Tom this morning and he is getting by, but he's clearly upset. I do not know his plans, but I know he is ditching his cell phone and (I assume) will have to go underground as much as possible. He plans to keep publishing.

I'll tell you this about Tom Feeley; he is no bullshitter. He is the "real deal" and completely committed to exposing the mob that is presently running our country. He does not understand why, (as he says) "They are reaching down SO far to get someone who just runs web site". But, the truth is, they are. Someone wants him to "shut up" and they apparently have the muscle to do it. He knows he is in danger.

I will probably only hear from Tom infrequently from this point on. But I will update information as I get it. Tom, knows some of the best writers on the Internet---many of them speak out regularly and forcefully on issues of civil liberties and war. Anything they can do to draw attention to Tom's situation will greatly improve his chances of getting through this ordeal safely. Beyond that, I have no idea of what can be done to help.


Phaedrus: Exploring the Machinations of World Jewry... said...

Sorry, Curt. You can call me nuts if you like, but some of us want to still be around after the 'big round-up' to carry on the fight. If you're an experienced user of strong encryption, perhaps we can work something out, otherwise it's quite impossible, sadly. Don't blame us, blame the Jews!

Anonymous said...

god this stuff cracks me up. you really are a pathetic bunch of hick us inbred retards if you believe any of this shit!

Anonymous said...

You said you skipped the most grisly details of the ceremony. Post them, you coward! Men of a stronger constitution than you want to know.
Come on, what have you got to lose?