Thursday, July 31, 2008

The International War Crimes Tribunal: a Sick Joke

There is no ostensible reason why war criminals who have engaged in mass murder and seriously breaking other stipulations of the Geneva Convention should not be brought to book, even if the offenses allegedly committed were half-a-century or more ago. The 20th century has known its fair share of infamous despots who should rightly have their foul deeds exposed for the world to see and consequently suffer an apposite punishment for their terrible crimes. I doubt very few of us inside or outside of the Truth Movement would raise any serious objections to that.

But it's deeply worrying that those so far captured and brought before this process appear very strongly to be SELECTED according to two main criteria:

a) Who they are, in whose interests they were serving, and

b) Who their victims were.

We are constantly assured that everything is being done to ensure no war criminal, wherever they may be, ever escapes Justice and indeed, from time-to-time, some minor demagogue is captured, hauled before the Tribunal and given a show-trial in front of the blazing lights of the world's media. It's all very re-assuring to know that finally, there's a 'new sheriff in town' that won't let a case rest until the perpetrators are captured and see due process before a competent authority, with all the evidence on the table, out in the open, for all to see.

But since the ICC has been up and running, it has become increasingly apparent that some of the world's WORST war criminals are not even on its 'wanted list'. These prosecutions appear not only politically-motivated, but also highly SELECTIVE in respect of those they hunt down and indict. This essay has been prompted by the arrest and arraignment of the Yugoslavian leader, Dr. Radovan Karadzic, who has been whisked to the Hague at lightning speed to answer for his alleged 'crimes' - which were basically just his attempts to prevent his Christian country from being over-run by militant Muslims and Gypsies.

The Bosnian Serbs (who were painted as the 'bad guys' during the 1990s civil war) view Dr. Karadzic, not surprisingly, as their hero - just as we would anyone who took a strong stand against mass immigration of undesirables in our own country. Sadly Karadzic's noble cause to clean up his country was unacceptable to the Marxists in the New World Order who smeared him with all sorts of unpleasant epithets,simply for his pro-nationalist stance. He refused accept 'multiculturalism being forced upon his beloved country and took a robust stand against it. To the henchmen of the NWO, this was enough to set a fuse to a train of events which has seen Karadzic placed in a cell in Holland to await his eventual fate.

Now whether or not we are sympathetic to Karadzic and the Nationalist movement in Serbia (Phaedrus naturally IS, of course) it is becoming increasingly obvious that the remit of this Court only seems to go as far as pursuing those prosecutions deemed desirable by International Jewry and its network of gentile collaborators in Holland and the UN. Which ever way you look at it, Karadzic is a very small fish. He is but a minnow in a sea of far more evil and destructive persons who are unlikely EVER to be brought before the Court to answer the FAR more serious charges outstanding against THEM. And the longer this kangaroo court is permitted to operate, the more glaring these disparities in the nature of its chosen defendants becomes.

Here are just a FEW, REAL, MURDEROUS tyrants for you to contemplate:

George W. Bush
Dick Cheney
Tony Blair
Gordon Brown
Ehud Olmurt
Henry Kissinger
Ariel Sharon
Paul Wolfowitz
Richard Perl
Donald Rumsfeld

Just to cite a MERE HANDFUL of rodents who between them have slaughtered MILLIONS of innocent men, women and children. What interest have the Hague's prosecutors shown in THEM? None whatsoever! How curious. Israel is the most despicable 'country' in the world when its political and religiously-motivated murders are expressed in terms of its tiny population. China is scarcely better. Where are the Chinese right now? "Most Favored Nation" for international trade, according to the US state department! And they've had the Olympics handed to them on a plate! Kissinger, who indulged in unspeakable barbarity whilst operating in South America during the 1960s. No sign of that Satan-worshiping monster, either. In fact the Jewish-controlled Nobel Committee even awarded the sick son-of-a bitch one of their Peace Prizes one year! That's Jewish humor for you, I guess.

Will there EVER come a time when these vile, sub-human vermin are dragged to Holland to have their untold crimes exposed before the world to see? I wouldn't bet on it. The International Criminal Court is just yet another arm of the United Nations, which controls it - and more importantly, WHO is on the wanted list for trial there. It shouldn't come as a surprise to any of us any more. Karadzic- a proud patriot beloved by his people - today commences his years rotting away in some dingy cell in Holland whilst awaiting a trial that may well outlive its defendant, just as the last one did for Karadzic's fellow patriot: Slobodan Milosovic, who died from the stress of the process before the court could reach any verdict.

We are not seeing even-handedness in the choice of quarry this Tribunal SHOULD be going after. From behind this monitor, Phaedrus perceives BLATANT BIAS and undue FAVOR taking place which will continue to grow ever more obvious to more and more people for as long as this wretched series of show-trials continues. WHO THE HELL DO THESE CROOKS THINK THEY'RE KIDDING? We're not stupid! Many of us can see with perfect clarity exactly what's going on. AND IT STINKS!!!


apollonian said...

"War Crimes" Prop.--Just More Balderdash By Jew Money Power, That's All
(Apollonian, 31 Jul 08)

Indeed good comrade Phaedrus, consider basic logic of idiotic "Int. War Crimes Tribunal"--who then are only people POWERFUL enough to possibly, conceivably make such pretentious operation work?

Say I, supreme commander of forces of Apollonia, exterminate scads of folks in land of enemy Dionysia, and we manage to "win" the war, God-willing. So who's going to "arrest" me?--it could only be some stronger, enemy power, and who would that be?

For why would any of my own people do such dumb, traitorous thing? The other side lost (presumably), so they can't do anything, can they? For when/if u "win," it means no one can mess with u, right?

And after all, I only did the necessarily vicious, ruthless things one has to do in war, slaughtering and killing much as possible, creating most damage, mayhem, and pain against scum who (presumably) attacked.

Who ever hrd of a "fair war"? Thus people are rightly taught not to go to war except as very LAST RESORT, this in absolute defense. I only slaughtered and exterminated as it was only thing to do--as the enemy refused to listen to reason and attacked. Enemy must have known I'd fight my hardest--it's only way to fight war, etc.

And say some power did seek my arrest--who are they then but simply ally of Dionysia? And so all it means then is the war continues, this now by ally of Dionysia.

Thus the entire premise for such "War Crimes Tribunal" is shown to be so brainlessly, completely absurd.

And ur analysis is well borne out: the only possible "prosecutors" of Karadzic is same Jew money power, as u pt. out, that's all. And this idiot "prosecution" is simply continuation of war against, extortion of Serbs, indubitably--what else?

And all this "war crimes" bullshit is purest propaganda and crap, that's all, meant for morons, only people stupid enough to go for it.

Hence then observe what REALLY is going on: Imperialist war against anyone and whoever is weak enough--AND WHAT'S "JUSTIFICATION" we're fed?--the same idiotic MORALISM-Pharisaism as always given by scummy Jew money-power w. their effete lies meant for queers. Hey, so ZOG-Mammon is on the side of "good" and anti-antisemitism, as always.

And hence do u notice something?--"good" and anti-antisemitism ARE ALWAYS LINKED--they're the same thing. Only Jews are good--Only Jews are God--get it?

Hence then we make the biggest mistake when we get diverted/distracted upon idiot "war crimes," etc., and take our eye off the real FRAUD that's taking place: the emplacement of Jews as arbiters, as judges, as the only real power, now evermore so invincible and un-questionable. After all, u don't want to be against "justice" do u? U don't want to be in favor of "war criminals" do u?--ALL ALWAYS IN THE NAME OF MORALISM-Pharisaism, "good-evil," etc.

And when one stops to think and just look--who and what are these scummy Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy)?--they're just a bunch of stinking COUNTERFEITERS, in essence, that's all--see for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud.

So good comrade Phaedrus, my conclusion is it ("war crimes tribunal") is indeed "sick joke," exactly as u say--FOUNDED THEN UPON THE SAME "GOOD-EVIL" fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism/Pharisaism) I've been warning u about.

CONCLUSION; For only liars and frauds seriously push this "good-evil" balderdash which is utterly without criterion or verifiable meaning, something totally subjective and ultimately meaningless--lies and murder all meant to back-up and prop that basic little scam of theirs, COUNTERFEIT conspiracy. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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