Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Independence Day, Suckers!

Get out the barbeques and throw on some burgers and chops! Get some cold beers out of the refrigerator as yet another 'Independence Day' rolls around!

July 4th is the special day that the nation remembers how it threw off the shackles of colonial oppression and embraced freedom. A worthy concept to celebrate if ever there was one, as I'm sure we'd all agree.

There's just one slight snag, though. The freedom achieved was ephemeral. It is as far away today as it was back in 1775. One oppressor has simply been replaced by another. Funny how that often happens, isn't it? Amazingly, on the day America celebrated its very first Independence Day back in 1776, the usurpers who would go on to ruthlessly steal our freedoms away again from under our noses had already formed an organization to do precisely that just a whisker over two months before! I refer of course, to the Illuminati. This pernicious grouping wormed its way into Freemasonry and corrupted a senior branch of it as a trojan horse to steal back America from true Americans. And they have no intention of simply stopping at that. Far from it.

I'm sorry to piss on your parades today, my fellows, as you staunchly and respectfully salute the flag and sing patriotic songs, but your freedoms today for which your forefathers fought so bravely against all odds to win for you, are but an illusion. They have been spirited away piecemeal by alien interests in order to serve their three driving passions: massive personal enrichment, ultimate power, and a visceral hatred of healthy, flourishing, civil societies. The only people today who have any genuine reason to celebrate this anniversary are the very same elements that formed the Illuminati on May 1st, 1776. They alone can meaningfully rejoice over their stunning success in robbing decent (though all-too-gullible) people from their golden destiny without them even being aware of it.

So I say to you regular Americans of today, enjoy your mindless feasting, binging and cheering whilst you can; whilst there is still relatively plenty to go around, for believe me, a year from now you will be very, very much less sanguine in your outlook towards this once great country. Hopefully by then, however, you may have finally woken up to the REAL history of post-Revolutionary America and re-evaluated your priorities. Until then, enjoy your phony festival while you may. The Jews and their crooked sell-out cronies in Washington will be partying too. And no doubt your delusional beliefs about how fortunate and free you are - God Bless America! - will provide an additional comic flavor to their own, rather more exclusive and very much more justified, private celebrations.

"Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people." - Anon.


apollonian said...

Necessary Patriot Goal, Jew-Expulsion--Complicated By Large Hereticalist Complex
(Apollonian, 3 Jul 08)

Very excellent essay/exhortation comrade Phaedrus, as u speak (write) and tell us so truly, so well and succinctly. But note Independence Day is also opportunity for PLOTTING STRATEGY, recounting history, etc., as u help us do with ur superb reminder. Thus patriots observe Jews' foremost weapon of subversion is HERESY, and most subtle hereticalistic version is "good-evil" fallacy/delusion.

One interesting note is Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) are so SMUG, and the fools thus allow us to continue to make use of MIGHTY INTERNET by which we receive ur latest essay, for example, building necessary patriot and revolutionary MENTALITY, maintaining coolness amidst obligatory anger and outrage.

For by means of MIGHTY INTERNET evermore volk become informed so as to achieve revolutionary anti-semitic EPIPHANY as of original Christian Apostles who lost their "fear of the Jews."

Note then that which was so difficult heretofore becomes evermore easier as we search for an EASY and simple manner of achieving necessary UNITY among all volk, even the non-whites. And even if we find contending against Jews, their lies, and conspiracy isn't too easy at all, yet still we seek the easiest and simplest nonetheless.

For what then is that revolutionary event we approach?--MOST DECISIVE JEW-EXPULSION, and that means removal/treatment of their close associates fm among gentiles too.

So leaving aside, for the moment, positive version (simply Christian vs. Jew) of what will most brilliantly UNIFY us patriots (in general) and anti-semites. For we already know we're fighting against Jews and we seek aforementioned Jew-expulsion.

But how then can we plot and analyze to best taking in, along w. hated Jews, most easily and conveniently, Jews' accomplices and willing allies, direct and indirect--like the dupes who aren't necessarily full-fledged, outright traitors?

For note Jews not only seek dupes to lull them along in assisting Jews and Judeo-conspiracy, but Jews also strive to neutralize potential adversaries and opponents.

And I submit that most easy, simplest, and defining unifying concept is HERESY. For it is this HERESY (in general) which Jews ALWAYS work behind, never willing to outrightly revealing their own Talmud (see,, and for good Talmudic expo), so satanic.

Thus we know and understand fairly well enough of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) heretics, also known as "Christian-Zionists" and "rapture-bunnies," who imagine Christians are mere variations/versions of Jews, that "Jesus was a Jew," and who are willing then to sell-out to Israel, led by traitors, apostates, and false-prophets like Hagee, Robertson, and Roman Vatican pedophiles and perverts.

But there are other hereticalists too who imagine they're more rationalistically -styled and sophisticated, who believe in "good-evil"--these are Pelagianistic hereticals. And it's these Pelagianists who are so much constituency of communistic Barack Obama, JCs tending more towards McCain and Israel--classic phony and false dichotomy, "right vs. left," even among hereticalists.

Thus we see great charade of "good-cop vs. bad-cop," CFR-Bilderberg and United Nations (UN) faction fronted by Obama vs. Israel faction fronted by McCain, JC hereticalists for Israel, Pelagianistics being courted and solicited by Obama--again, "right vs. left"--among hereticalists.

Thus in large overall view, rationalistic analysis is Western objectivity and rule-of-law vs. Talmudic subjectivism, moralism-Pharisaism (Pelagianist "good-evil"), fascism, and "hate-crime" suppression of free expression/speech, etc.

And the more simpler-minded aesthetic, which also works, surely for many if not most, is Christian vs. Jew, Christian understood most accurately as anti-semitic, contra JC heresy.

Crux to necessary patriot political/socio-biologic analytic has to do then with reason against anti-reason, Jews pretending and insisting it's irrational to advocate Jew-expulsion--and that it's irrational not to believe in "good-evil."

Note then the double, simultaneous inversion: just as JC heretics imagine they're "Christian"--so Pelagianists insist they're "rational" regarding "good-evil."

Thus Patriots understand well enough necessity of anti-semitism and Jew-expulsion and the JC heresy--BUT PELAGIAN HERESY ("good-evil") IS MORE DIFFICULT, more subtle.

CONCLUSION: Nonetheless, as liberation and Jew-expulsion approaches common-sense will identify well enough the gentile collaborators and co-conspirators with Jews. Just don't forget HERETICS also imagine and pretend they're RATIONAL too, but especially for that more subtle Pelagian ("good-evil") heresy. Thus heresy betrays Christianity and HONESTY most and best in guise of "good-evil" (Pelagianist) fallacy. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Try this it seems fitting for the occasion as the guy finishes with noteworthy remarks about the Declaration of independance, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Apollonian, I've been reading essays by your good self, Phaedrus, Patrick Grimm, Curt and others for some time now and I have to say I find your observations in particular on the Jewish question to be the most intractably obscure. No disrespect intended, but how about writing in plain English for once? I'm sure more people would like to be understand wtf you're talking about!

apollonian said...

[Anon at 3:57 am above, thanks for ur comment and criticism; try this latest one just below (I'm sure u'll like it). Also, don't forget more enlightening Apollonian expo at under "commentary." A.]

USA Far From Dead: Christian Patriots Have Only Begun To Fight
(Apollonian, 6 Jul 08)

I like Les Visible (see, "A Fifth Of Beethoven...," 6 Jul 08) esp. when he gives us good beginning theses to most excellent dialectic wherein I, for one example, can find a place for my own info. Mighty Internet was such great thing as it gave us blogging art, which then gave us revolution in DIALECTIC, info, journalism, etc.

Jacque Fresco (SmokingMirrors..., 27 Jun 08) didn't do it for me at all, but still it was good opportunity to send my honest reaction/response and see what I'd get. Hey, whatever else might be said, I learn: we want most constructive dialectic, and I'm glad to know I produce for lots of different types of editors.

Hence then question for this dialectic essay ("A Fifth of Beethoven...") is how and where USA fits into history and thus "Decline of the West" by Oswald Spengler? Les Visible gives good prologue/intro, and indeed good comrade Les, life certainly sucks, doesn't it, within Greek Tragedy?

So my counter-thesis (which is not against Les Visible himself, never forget--for we must appeciate honest theses-givers who begin these mighty and most informative dialectics) is USA was and still is great both in actuality and potential--WE JUST NEED TO GRASP FULL CONTEXT.

Thus Les Visible has to move around a bit for purpose of his own best comfort--whatever works to get best dialectic, I say. And Mike Rivero ( also feels pressure fm conspirators (ck for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy), as we see, and that's why he then features Curt Maynard (see keeps infernal conspirators off balance very well, the scum.

Note then fundamental reality for humanity has always been that lonely battle of TRUTH versus lies--thus organized lies and conspiracy. And for practical purposes then, that conspiracy always ultimately develops and depends on great COUNTERFEITING scam (see for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)).

And again, it's cyclic (according to Spengler) and socio-biologic (see lies and conspiracy are going to win their battles and dominate for their fair share of time--life sucks.

But note then, in great cyclic progress of things, PARASITES inevitably become over-populated and begin to fall-out with one another--AND THAT'S OUR CHANCE, our only chance, and we then simply try to make most of it. US Constitution was (and still is) magnificent monument, but lies got to it, and here we are.

And the greatest hero of TRUTH inspired St. Constantine the Great (Roman Emp., 4th and 5th cents.) for world's definitive Jew expulsion and crushing of lies, conspiracy, and COUNTERFEITING, but hey, like everything else, lies got to that too, and now present-day counterfeit conspirators fund professional liars and false prophets invoking Christ to supporting Israel in this very day(!)--life sucks, indubitably.

Thus by keeping our eyes peeled we spot out topmost conspirators, and duly PLOT STRATEGY.

Thus my advice remains same as it ever was, is, and must be for all patriots everywhere--as for Les Visible and Mike Rivero: it's still TRUTH versus lies, lies and conspiracy then organized and elaborated most sublimely--AND IT'S ALWAYS A CYCLIC PROCESS, historically and socio-biologically.

Thus Truth requires objectivity, and lies are always founded in SUBJECTIVITY. For what is a liar, but a subjectivist?--a subjectivist who is so insistent (also addicted and obsessed) to denying objectivity. Lying is just insistent, over-zealous subjectivity gone wild, gone insane.

Thus we patriots must go to the "grass-roots"--as demonstrated by our greatest hero of most profound literature, Christian New Testament (NT). And we must rally the people--of any race, etc.--on basis of TRUTH which then REQUIRES objectivity. Subjectivity exists, of course, and has its place, but it must make way for objectivity, thus truth, as appropriate.

Hence then Christian soldiers are most virtuously patient and never doubt it's "darkest just before dawn" in great cycle of things historic. Biggest mistake (which was inevitable) Judeo-conspirators made was allowing MIGHTY INTERNET, gift of the Holy Spirit--because proverbial anti-semitic "cat" is out of the "bag" now, and it's only matter of how topmost masterminds will attempt to "spin" things.

CONCLUSION: Perhaps conspiratorial masterminds have dug holes in mountains of Antarctica where they hope to retreat. Keep up ur good work, Les Visible, as it generates most useful dialectic and info. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian