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Before America Goes to War Against Iran — A Quiz for the American People!

A great expose of the REAL culprits in the Middle East conflict! Sourced from: NFTW.


Before America goes to war against Iran, subjects thousands of Iranians and Americans to death or harm, spends billions of American dollars, skyrockets oil to over 300 dollars a barrel and over $10 a gallon, and plunges America and the world into depression and rampant terrorism, here are a few good questions! –David Duke

Which country in the Middle East actually possesses nuclear weapons?


Which country in the Middle East refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?


Which country in the Middle East refuses to allow international inspections of its nuclear facilities?


Which countries in the Middle East have called for the region to be a nuclear-free zone?

The Arab countries and Iran.

Which country in the Middle East occupies land belonging to other people?

Israel, which occupies a piece of Lebanon, a larger piece of Syria, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.

Which country in the Middle East has for 60 years refused to allow refugees to return to their homes and refused to consider compensation to them for their lost property?


Which country has roads on which citizens who are Arab may not drive and housing developments where Arabs may not live?


Which country in the region has violated more United Nations resolutions than any other?

Israel. The United States has on more than one occasion gone to war ostensibly to enforce U.N. Security Council resolutions, but when it comes to resolutions directed against Israel, the U.S. is like the amoral monkey that sees, hears and says nothing. That raises the question of who’s the dog and who’s the tail?

Which country in the region has in the past been led by men who at one time were terrorists with a price on their heads?

Israel. Former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir once led the Stern Gang and ordered, among other things, the assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte, a Swedish diplomat working for the United Nations. Former Prime Minister Menachem Begin led the Irgun, a terrorist gang that among other things blew up one wing of the King David Hotel, killing nearly 100 people.

Which country in the Middle East openly employs assassination against its political enemies?

Israel. There have been assassinations carried out by some of the Arab governments, but they usually don’t own up to them. Israel has created a euphemism that the suck-up American press has readily adopted: “targeted killings.” A British journalist told me once, “The Palestinians have a talent for picking bad leaders, and the Israelis have a talent for murdering their good ones.”

What are the top five countries from which we import oil?

Here they are in order of volume:

Canada, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Nigeria and Venezuela. The next time you hear some blowhard politician ranting about how the Arabs control our oil imports, remind him or her of the facts. By far, a majority of oil imports come from non-Arab countries.

Which country in the region receives an annual gift of $5 billion or more from Congress?


Which foreign-aid recipient is the only one allowed to receive its aid in a lump sum and which routinely invests part of it in U.S. Treasuries so that taxpayers pay them interest on the taxpayers’ gift?


Which country in the Middle East has the most powerful lobby in the U.S.?


Which country in the Middle East are most American politicians, journalists and academics afraid to criticize?


On behalf of which country has the U.S. vetoed the largest number of U.N. Security Council resolutions?


What is the only Mideast government that actually committed terrorism against the United States?


In 1967, Israeli airplanes and torpedo boats attacked the USS Liberty, killing 34 and terribly wounding 173 Americans. The U.S. Secretary of State at the time of the attack, Dean Rusk, and the U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Thomas Moorer, both have ardently maintained that Israel knowingly made this terrorist attack against us in an attempt to blame it on the Egyptians and induce us into war.

In the “Lavon Affair” Israeli agents committed acts of terrorist bombing against American installations in Egypt in an attempt to falsely blame the Egyptians and embroil America into another costly and deadly war. After the Mossad agents were caught and exposed, Israel had to admit its terroristic attacks against the United States. Last year the Israeli government honored the Israeli terrorists, called them heroes and gave them medals for their acts of terrorism against America!

These two events are absolutely documented and proven.

The question must by why do so few Americans even know about them. What power in the media has kept the American people from becoming aware of the Israeli terrorism, and why, instead of responding to such terror with a military response, as every American leader says is the proper response to terrorism, instead we have only sent the terrorist state more billions of American tax dollars!

What country do the people in the region consider the world’s biggest hypocrite?

The United States

But, it is not the people of the United States who are the hypocrites but the Zionist Controlled media and politicians! The American people are simply misinformed by a Jewish-extremist dominated media and Jewish-controlled political establishment.

Every truly patriotic American needs to work hard to prevent this insane planned war against Iran and the terrible catastrophe it would be for America and the world. Don’t let the Jewish extremists lead us into another catastrophic war such as in Iraq.


apollonian said...

Pelagianism And War Of Morality Against Reality, Truth
(Apollonian, 9 Jul 08)

Observe a very simple little fact, presently simmering just below surface, but ready to break-out in an incredibly huge way--which cannot be stopped, and which Jews can only attempt, so pathetically, to "spin"--but which spinning ain't gonna work.

And that fact is realization, slowly taking effect, as in way, ultimately, of tremendous EPIPHANY, that hey--u know what we've all been witnesses to throughout all these years heretofore?--Jews have been carrying out evermore BLATANT "racial-cleansing," almost a full-fledged "genocide," in Palestine, practically before our very eyes.

Of course, next shoe to drop, surely, will be regarding deliberate invasion/infestation of USA by enemy races by means of "illegal immigration." But this incredible, truly horrific and most dramatic Palestinian ethnic cleansing is what will be most earth-shattering as the masses stir fm their slumber.

And of course, preceding is quite ASIDE fm USS Liberty incident of 1967 (see, for another example, fully documented. Of course Jews will trot-out old excuse: it was those "Zionists"--not the "good" Jews (Talmudists)--as if there are good child-molesters or good psychopaths (Talmudists).

Thus we've literally been hypnotized by that idiotic TV, the "Jew-tube," by means of veritable RITUALISTIC, all in accord, no doubt, with infernal, monstrous Talmud (see,, and for good Talmudic expo).

And that ritualistic replete with all the lies, of course, works upon basic human hubris and potential which culminated in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, and pt. now is to RESPOND and resurge in most effective manner. Thus obligatory Jew-expulsion is necessary, but of course, and as always, Jews will spin, spin, spin, with the aid of their gentile accomplices and co-conspirators who know they'll go down too, along w. the sinking ship, S.S. Talmudic Ritual Murder.

Hence then to insure a reasonably speedy anti-semitic victory--as of St. Constantine the Great, 3rd and 4th cent.s, we only need heed and understand a few basic facts consistent with what we already know, such as gross horrific ZOG-Mammon empire/dicatatorship presently spreading, sowing, and salting our dear mother and planet earth with depleted uranium, even as we speak.

For Jews rule by means of lies, deceit, fraud (especially and ultimately by COUNTERFEITING scam--see for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud), extortion, terror, and murder of course, but still, it has to follow distinct pattern, an AESTHETIC, a complex, in full accord with aforementioned ritualistic, this complex formulated by means then of--HERESY--for Jews are always zealous to hide their infernal, monstrous Talmud, above all, the purpose of "Zionist" decoy/diversion.

And note heresy can and does take effect in rationalistic -type manner which includes and entails necessary military and computer technology by means of which Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) rule and enforce their grim, noxious, and bloody empire.

For observe if one was to identify ruling cultural theme of ZOG-Mammon dictatorship, it wouldn't be Christianity which is necessarily anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. Mark 7:1-13), and it wouldn't be reason (ha), esp. in view of totally degenerate repudiation of rule-of-law and US Constitution. "Mammon" itself then is just a vestige of rationalistic style featuring putrid money-grubbing as I pt'd out in previous essay (see CurtMaynardsBlog,, "What Rules West...," 8 Jul 08).

And what specifically now of this hereticalist complex? For we know well enough (too much) about the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist dupes and suckers, but they couldn't be the only ones, pathetic fools and "rapture bunnies" who pretend "Christ was Jew" (hence Talmudist).

Far more serious and sublime heresy then is Pelagianism ("good-evil" delusion/fallacy)--which even most JCs believe in, surely. And I submit Pelagianism is far more controlling and effective for infernal genius and essence of dread ZOG-Mammon,beast/empire making then for most profound hereticalistic COMPLEX which acts upon public mentality as kind of delusionary mental-block, at least so far, preventing the poor volk fm penetrating definitively to otherwise sublime core of Judeo-conspiracy--manipulation of ruling hereticalist complex.

Thus, for example, while "Manchurian Candidate," McCain tries to corral the JC heretics, Obama works for the Pelagians, pretending to sophistication, all this in "good-cop vs. bad-cop" style, McCain the champion of Israel, the "conservative," Obama the "liberal" featuring United Nations (UN) "democratic" world government.

And don't doubt or under-estimate sheer sublimity of Pelagian hereticalist impulse as so many are so addicted and obsessed with hubristic, perfectly free, God-like, human will by which they imagine they can achieve "good," overcoming their inferiority complex so brilliantly and sublimely instilled by Jews in present Spenglerian "Decline...."

Thus Jew-expulsion will proceed necessarily in parallel fashion culturally, by means of revived, healthy, and true Christianity, fully and self-confidently anti-semitic, as well as by means of heightened and more energetic rationalism which rejects hubristic perfection of human will, with that absurd, pretentious, and presumptuous God-like "freedom"--human will IS NOT perfectly free--a most crucial and essential observation, psychologically and socio-biologic (see

CONCLUSION: For reality, as it's OBJECTIVE, is deterministic in rejection and repudiation of ultra-subjectivism, hence hubristic and perfectly "free" will of that infernal Talmudism which so terribly and grossly inveigles gentiles to such fatal "good-evil" fallacy/delusion. Cultural key then to present horrific and Jew-dominated Spenglerian "Decline...," is that Pelagianist hereticalist complex, once again. Heresy must not be under-estimated, esp. by rationalistic-oriented people who are really and truly worst victims thereof. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

George W.armonger said...

REVOLUTION is the Solution!!!