Saturday, July 12, 2008

Read the Irrepressible Curt Maynard!

If you look to the 'related sites of interest' section (below left) on this page, you will find an active link to a great patriot's latest blog. It's WELL worth taking a look at this unique resource (Phaedrus and friends strive to do so as often as humanly possible) owing to the kind of news coverage you probably won't find anywhere else on the internet, notwithstanding the current, healthy, burgeoning expansion of the Blogosphere.

Curt's pages are no place for the feint-hearted. He has repeatedly proved, in his former incarnations as the Politically-Correct Apostate (I & II) and through his current eponymous platform, that he is a person of indefatigable determination. Twice banned by Google for his disarmingly frank outspokenness on racial issues, he has been subdued not one iota by the dirty tricks of the corporate communists who want him silenced. He is an unapologetic stentorian truth-teller to the Nth degree. Nothing and no one will shut him up while there remains injustice in the world.

Curt's blog is one of THE most controversial on the internet. He is not a man to mince his words for fear of offending others. He treats his audience with all the sensitivity of a drill sargent with a bull-horn. There are no shades of gray in Curt's world. When something riles him he puts all his considerable energy into writing about it in the most forthright terms imaginable. No punches are pulled; no stance is too extreme. Curt's attitude is one of "if you find my style offensive, FUCK THE HELL OFF."

Once you get over the initial shock of Curt's rather 'uninhibited phraseology' however, the benefits of making his blog a regular read quickly become apparent. In Amerika today, there are crimes of unspeakable brutality being perpetrated by blacks against whites on a constant basis, yet the proportion of these outrages which ever see coverage in the mainstream news is tiny. The most gory, vicious and bestial attacks that prove the Negro race remains trapped in its savage heritage are stories that the Jewish-controlled mainstream media quietly sideline. We seldom get to hear about them and even when we do, somewhere along the line in their accounts, a white person will ultimately be in some way culpable.

The fact is that racially-motivated attacks by blacks FAR outnumber similarly-motivated attacks by whites on blacks. 50 years ago, perhaps it was different, but as everyone with a pair of eyes and a brain in their heads knows, the Amerika of today is an altogether different place from the America of half-a-century ago. Since Jewish agitators seized the initiative from decent folks back in the late 1950s and began to turn this once great country into the cultural cesspit we're obliged to suffer today, our lives have become increasingly blighted by fears of rape, murder, torture and robbery that to an overwhelming extent are carried out by out-of-control Negroes against innocent, trusting whites.

Curt, like the rest of us, is justifiably angered by this new reality, and doubly enraged about the way the jewsmedia absolutely REFUSES to acknowledge the horrific extent of the nightmare THEY have purposely created through their unremitting promotion of black-over-white culture, political-correctness, multiculturalism, massive illegal immigration and movies which glamorize murder, gangsterism, drug-taking, and virus-ridden, filthy, inter-racial sex. The Jew and the Negro have a LOT to answer for, reasons Curt - quite correctly - and if nobody else is going to take them to task over it, our Curt certainly will (just try stopping him!!)

Other blogs pussyfoot around difficult issues, but here's one that doesn't. Curt himself describes it as "in your face Truth" - which it is. It is also more than the plain unvarnished Truth that we get from half the bloggers out there. It's probably more accurate to describe Curt's work as the "plain unvarnished Truth - WITH THE VARNISH SHOT-BLASTED OFF."

Curt, for being a TRUE patriot who never minces his words or shifts his position one IOTA to accommodate anyone's phony sensitivities, Phaedrus salutes you!

That URL to remember (mark it well, friends) is...

"You can take the Negro out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the Negro." - Anon.


apollonian said...

Curt Maynard Foremost Editor, Genuine Leader Of Real Patriot Movement, Indubitably
(Apollonian, 12 Jul 08)

Indeed, comrade Phaedrus, and in all seriousness, Curt Maynard is surely one of very topmost blogsters and general info sources for one unquestionable and verifiable reason: literateness and scholarship (as the two go together), but MOST especially that scholarly quality which isn't easily duplicated.

Thus Maynard understands absolute necessity of sources/citations/ref.s as necessary premises/foundation for conclusions and essential substance.

Only other source who compares with Maynard for that scholarly quality would be Dave Duke (, but Duke doesn't feature blog for essential dialectic as Maynard does. This combo for scholarship and dialectic both, is what places Maynard so much at top by himself.

Another great intellect, brilliant and perspicuous in his way, is Bill White ( and ANSWP), of course, but White falls down too often for dedication and care to this scholarship principle, so well and consistently observed and upheld by Maynard.

Maynard is genuine rationalistic who, however, is willingly sympathetic and receptive to Christian aesthetic--unlike Linder/VNN (, for example, Linder/VNN getting funds fm mysterious sources. Gee whiz, but I wonder who it is who ALWAYS has such bucket-loads of money, and who absolutely HATES Christianity?--hmmmm--Linder never can figure out such simple question, clever as he's always pretending to be.

Maynard is also outstanding critic and reliable talent-scout for fellow white/Christian patriots, as for Pat Grimm ( and others.

Maynard thus provides depth which mighty Birdman ( sometimes lacks, while yet rendering very much and often similar breadth as redoubtable Birdman.

Thus it's no wonder why/how Mike Rivero of features (when he does) Maynard as info source as it deflects so brilliantly ZOG-Mammon pressure, intimidation, and adverse scrutiny. For there is indubitably distinct refuge in sheer numbers for similarly dedicated dissidents. Rivero thus certainly notes and confirms Maynard's quality and real substance.

CONCLUSION: Maynard is also most excellent practical illustrator and photo-editor too. So when honest and serious evaluation is made for quality in all the various departments for public information, Curt Maynard has to come out very near topmost, if not very top itself. Thus Maynard's scholarship--which is absolutely essential for quality of info--is so well balanced for general readability and public interest for knowledge. Thank goodness for heroes like Curt Maynard. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with you guys. Curt Maynard will *never* sell us out. He ought to be in the White House in place of that inbred retard that currently occupies the place.

Anonymous said...

If Curt Maynard has to break your face to get his point across, then he'll do exactly that! Making his point comes before everything. An absolute GIANT!

Anonymous said...