Monday, July 21, 2008

I was really beginning to HATE the Negro, but then...

Looking at the TeeVee these days, it's hard not to notice the astonishing prominence given to Negroes within today's so-called 'popular culture.' Not just television,but the movies, newspapers and teenage magazines. There seems no getting away from talentless black people in modern society.

Wherever you look, they're on the tube, the screen, or in the entertainment pages, proudly swinging their dicks to some God-awful noise they've conjured up with the aid of Western technology, usually in company with some brainless, white, race-traitor whores cavorting shamelessly alongside of them just for good measure.

Like you, no doubt, Phaedrus is disgusted at the antics of these primates. It's natural to seethe with anger when you see them making such outrageous public displays of themselves; screaming "Muthafucka" and the virtues of pimping, whoring, crack-smoking and robbery into the delicate, innocent ears of your potentially susceptible 11 year-old daughter.

But the question we must ask ourselves is: WHO put them there? WHO gave them this platform from which to defecate on mainstream, decent society? There's no way they could achieve it alone! The persons responsible, as always, are the Jews. The Jews own and/or control 96% of the Western media, so the Negro, who would otherwise only be capable of reaching the ears of a wider audience by banging on his jungle drums, owes his recently-found infamy and fortune to the Jew.

The obvious question that then arises within inquiring minds is WHY? WHY have these ugly, boot-lipped savages been granted such favor when all they use this valuable privilege for is to take a HUGE SHIT on the rest of us? The answer shouldn't really be a surprise. The Negro is the perfect tool for the Jews to use to undermine ordered society - a burning and long-standing desire on the part of the Tribe of Satan. In fact their holy book, the Talmud, DEMANDS the trashing of other cultures.

Whilst we're all gritting our teeth and quietly despairing over what we see on our screens, the purposes of the Jew are well-served. First and foremost, our eyes are off the ball. We're totally preoccupied with the outlandish antics of these ghetto monkeys; with their shameless sexual displays and their equally disgusting, sewer-mouthed utterances. When faced with the spectacle of - for example - a Negro rapper's foul-mouthed diatribes against white society, the Jew fades totally from our collective consciousness. How convenient for them!

When we stare, open-mouthed in disbelief at the shocking behavior of these hominids, we somehow forget about the Jews and their ever-advancing agenda to destroy society and bring us all to ruin. It's a MASSIVE distraction - and that is precisely what the Jews depend on to further their evil ends. But it's actually better (for this Asiatic parasite) than it seems at first sight. The Negro has additional qualities to bring to bear in the on-going collective demise of all peoples of European origin.

In addition to taking our 'eye off the ball' and affording the TRUE culprits their much-preferred obscurity, the Negro, like his unscrupulous benefactor, has a natural inclination to drag everyone else down to gutter-level. It's in the interest of the Negro (AND the New World Order) to make our dark-skinned immigrants appear successful and popular, so the example thereby set will further encourage inter-racial breeding between themselves and gullible/ignorant white kids who have no access to wise counsel or decent parenting.

The 'dangerous edge' Negroes project is appealing to young kids who don't have any positive and inspiring role models around them (which increasingly they don't have thanks to the Jews promoting the destruction of the family unit and with that, wider society in general). Plus the Negro, as evidenced by his obsession with trashy 'bling' and 'style' - albeit as seen by normal human beings as ludicrously over-the-top - seems to turn the heads of some of our kids (who are naturally, when they're young, susceptible to anti-authority influences.

Negroes on TeeVee are just doing what unfettered Negroes naturally do when encouraged, as they constantly are, by the popular media. Older people sit back aghast at the sight of it all; fearing accusations of 'racism' if they voice a single ounce of common sense in condemnation of the spectacle before their eyes. So we can't really blame the Negro for simply doing what comes natural to him - performing like the ape he really is, and always has been. It's in his blood, you see, so we shouldn't be the least surprised. The fault actually lies with US – you and me – for permitting this situation to continue.

The conclusion of this short essay, then, dear reader, is to take pains to look BEYOND the cavorting Negro and his entourage of unwitting HIV-infected groupies, and remember that the real culprit - that which has placed the Negro on this pedestal to spout his filthy lyrics and decry anything and everything of genuine value, is our age old enemy, Organized Jewry. Now, as in times past, getting others to do its dirty work for it, whilst it snickers from the shadows at our discomfiture, fortified by the barrier of the Negroes they have erected between us and them via the blatant abuse of overwhelming, unaccountable media ownership and control.

But ultimately I must restate that it is WE - still as yet the majority though perhaps not for much longer - who are ULTIMATELY to blame, and will continue to be, for as long as our collective inaction lasts and for as long as we continue to suffer this diabolical situation in cowed silence.


curt maynard said...

Excellent article, I blogged it over at CurtMaynardsblog

Jesse said...

You know . . . there's perfectly intelligent and positive hip hop out there. Some guys even criticize Israel. Yes, the "clicks and tricks" tend to dominate, but the lowest common denominator always sucks off the innovators in the entertainment biz. You're being one dimensional. Worse, you're turning off THOUSANDS of people (yes, science has determined that those with less than ivory skin are indeed people, after all) that may otherwise be sympathetic to your cause, namely throwing off the zionist yoke. I like some of Curt Maynard's stuff, but if he thinks this post is excellent . . . See ya later, fools.

apollonian said...

"Jesse" Misses The Point
(Apollonian, 22 Jul 08)

"Jesse," science doesn't determine anything; it's simply a method, what "determines" is the brain(s) of people, who perhaps make use of scientific method.

"Jesse," tell me: how exactly do u KNOW "thousands of people" are being "turned off"?

I concede there are blacks as well as niggers, but neither of them are our people, though there might well be an alliance as Christian anti-semites.

But honest blacks understand well enough there's most excellent reason to hate niggers who so willingly hate whites. Overall, it's matter of calculation: does it do more good to encourage white folk to react against TV prop. of the Jew?

CONCLUSION: After all, the only blacks we'd want to positively encourage are Christians, and for that there are Christian sites they can ck. At least "Jesse" didn't try to pretend there are "good Jews." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian said...

Phaedrus: Exploring the Machinations of World Jewry... said...

Thanks, Curt. Saw it on there anyway, since your blog is one of the daily round! Best wishes, oh great white brother! :-)