Wednesday, July 30, 2008

British Authorities Expecting Trouble? Part 1.

During a speech earlier this month in the north of England, noted conspiracy theorist, David Icke, revealed some curious intelligence that had been imparted to him by one of his adherents: a lowly traffic warden. Now in Britain, a "traffic warden" is a minor public official that goes around handing out parking tickets to drivers who've parked in prohibited places, or whose parking permission slips have expired. Needless to say, these people are not among the most popular public officials in the country, especially given the ordeal that most drivers endure when trying to park ANYWHERE in Britain's overcrowded cities.

Traffic wardens are almost universally loathed by the British public. They are frequently sworn at, spat upon and often physically assaulted by angry motorists. In some areas, things have got so bad that they are required to wear body armor in the event they might be stabbed or shot(which is not an uncommon occurrence, it seems.) So, tough job, but someone's got to do it, I guess. And the stolid, robotic mindset that is so typical of these drones marks them out as ideally-suited to the task. They're invariably rigid and unbending in applying the rules, regardless of the urgency of the situation they're dealing with. We're talking people with very little brain and even less compassion.

But there is always the odd exception to this stereotype, and Icke was able elicit some disturbing information from one of them who (luckily) happens to be a follower of his. This warden was somewhat surprised one day when his (formerly) very restricted powers were (completely out of the blue) given something of a make-over. He produced to Icke some additional cards he'd been sent by the government department that controls these drudges. The cards conferred upon him greatly enhanced powers that had previously not been available to a person of such a menial station in life.

To cut a long story short, British traffic wardens have recently been granted the power of arrest and powers of entry into private property for the purposes of carrying out searches. Our warden was immediately suspicious! What on earth would HE of all people (at the bottom-most rung of parking enforcement) need such additional powers for? Our hero whistle-blower turned to a serving police officer with whom he had become close and asked him what he made of this sudden change in his circumstances. The copper at once became rather apprehensive. He drew the curious warden aside and confided in him, on the condition that he breathed not a whisper concerning what he was about to be told.

Fortunately for Decency, this warden put his country and common sense before any blind loyalty to that Fascist state. It sometimes happens in this fashion that we get little glimpses into the way things are run behind the scenes in our Western countries. The police officer guardedly confided in our informant that the authorities were expecting "trouble" in the near future that would necessitate he (the cop) and his colleagues being tide-up full-time in other areas of the country in dealing with rioting and crowd control. The traffic wardens were being effectively 'deputized' as stand-in police officers with enhanced powers to fill the role of uniformed police whilst they were elsewhere engaged at the sharp end - cracking the skulls of an exasperated British public.

Icke confirms he has physically inspected the cards that were issued to that warden and has no reason whatsoever to doubt the person's word. If this intelligence is true, it gives rise to the obvious question: what sort of trouble and from what grievance (or grievances) are the authorities anticipating the long-suffering British public might revolt over? In the immediate future (which these measures one assumes are most likely to have been introduced to deal with) there can only be a few possible scenarios. The most likely ones, in Phaedrus' view, are the soaring cost of food and energy, and the likelihood of shortages of both - even staple necessities like bread, sugar, cereals, and (of course) fuel for heating and transport.

We shall be looking a little more closely at these various possibilities and how they've arisen in Part 2 of this item, which we'll publish here on World Peace shortly.

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apollonian said...

If U Had Blood Dripping--Pouring--Fm Ur Hands, Wouldn't U Be "Expecting Trouble"?
(Apollonian, 30 Jul 08)

Of course criminal Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) and murderers are "expecting trouble"--why wouldn't they? They (conspirators) should be shitting bricks due to smart-alecks and bloggers like "Phaedrus," and their only hope is Mighty Internet getting cut-off, like yesterday.

Even if that happens (internet removed), they still got insoluble problem w. burgeoning Christian re-awakening, the people beginning to realize "it's Jews, stupid" (see, Nov. 03 archives, "It Wasn't Arabs"), and proper Christianity requiring JEW-EXPULSION. What are these filthy Christ-killers doing still breathing, anyway? Ck,, and for expo/ref. on Talmud.

PARALLEL to Christian anti-semitic (anti-Talmud as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) awakening is that slight thing called INDUCTIVE LOGIC, the evidence simply over-whelming for direct responsibility for 9-11 by Israel and "neo-cons" (again, see for expo/ref.), Jews required now to prove they aren't the very topmost suspects and culprits, Jews essentially confirming suspicions by baring of their proverbial fangs, complaining of "anti-semitism" if they're so suspected, as all logic demands--thus so effectively confirming suspicion. See also for further expo/ref. on Jew murder and cover-up of US Navy seamen in 1967.

And the only slight, but still incredible thing continuing to work for Jews is, aside fm INCREDIBLE, MASSIVE FUNDING, as by means of present, ever-worsening HYPER-INFLATION, that MORALISM-PHARISAISM which still infects the poor minds of stupid gentiles, THAT'S ALL.

Thus Jews absolutely must have TWO things: (1) an incredible, horrific world war, including nuclear weapons, reducing world population drastically, to cover, divert, and distract things so that topmost masterminds can GET AWAY. (2) Enough of a blood-bath among lower-level Jews to further distract enraged gentiles, to inducing gentiles thereby to thinking they "GOT" enough of the Jews in revenge.

So presently Judeo-conspirators are engaged in a planned degradation and liquidation of culture and assets: thus (a) HYPER-INFLATION is well-underway, (b) thus US Congress and other key officials are bribed and extorted, (c) BlackWater assassins are funded and emplaced as mercenaries, (d) concentration camps are readied, etc.

Hence both patriots and Judeo-conspirators are grimly faced-off with present ever-worsening situation. Critical weak-point for Judeo-conspirators are the gentile dupes who are presently dis-informed by "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) "Sadducean" (of modern-day) leadership, funded by Jews.

Thus as patriots continue to exploit MIGHTY INTERNET which continues to function so fatally for Jews, the people evermore increase for effectiveness of INDUCTION and revelation, "it's Jews, stupid."

CONCLUSION: Judeo-conspirators have essentially played all their strong cards. Yes, many, many gentiles, perhaps billions, may well yet die as casualties, but Judeo-conspirators are actually quite desperate as they know they're ultimately dooooooooomed. Proverbial "Jig" is essentially "up." Let the games begin. "Make Our Day," Jews. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian