Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Junk Food for the Soul: the Jewish Media's Mind Poison

One cannot help but notice that we have over the course of recent years been lambasted by dire health warnings concerning our dangerously high levels of consumption of junk foods which, we are told, contain too many fats, sugars, preservatives, colorants, flavorings and salt.

The same applies with tobacco. Time was when the Jew-controlled tobacco industry - as it once was - set up its own 'Panel of Doctors' to investigate whether there really was a link between smoking and lung cancer! And guess what - the panel the Jews hired couldn't find any! It kept these 'doctors' fully salaried for over 30 years, though, which probably accounts for their (lack of) reported findings. Nice work if you can get it, but a terrible shame for the millions who died as a result of the Jews stifling the truth.

Drink? Oh, don't mention it! One of the great evils, we're told. And for some people it undeniably is. If you can't handle your drink and you come home loaded having blown your week's pay in one or two nights and beat up on your wife and/or kids, then Phaedrus doesn't give a sh!t what color your hide is, BOY. You're a deadbeat father and you better straighten yourself up. Nobody's gonna defend your lame ass if you can't fulfill your DUTY to your OWN family.

Drugs: same applies. Some folks can handle them; some can't and psycho-active substances are best just left alone for safety's sake as you never know whether you'll wind up with a problem or not and the cost of finding out which category you fall into can be ruinous for the unlucky ones.

So what have the above examples in common? Have y'all guessed yet? It's HEALTH WARNINGS! Yes, that's right. Governments around the world are very concerned with our health. Not just here and in Europe, but further afield too. They want the rabble to be healthy (It'll reduce medical costs and improve productivity) so they warn us against Bad Stuff. And that's fine! No one could object to that since it's one of the few worthwhile reasons for having a government at all!

Regular readers of this blog will by this time have worked out what Phaedrus' angle is here. For the newcomers (welcome aboard) let me spell it out: THE GREATEST DANGER TO PUBLIC HEALTH CARRIES NO HEALTH WARNING AT ALL: IT'S THE POPULAR MEDIA! TERRIBLE HEALTH RISKS are involved in the following simple pastimes:-

1) Reading newspapers
2) Going to the movies
3) Watching TV
4) Letting your kids read teen magazines
5) Listening to mainstream radio stations

In short: all the most popular and time-consuming leisure activities! And increasingly, these activities are becoming ever more removed from the real-world. We rely on our media sources to bring us snapshots of the entire range of news stories that are taking place 'out there' in the big, wide world. We place our total trust in them to do so. But you know what? That trust has been betrayed - and it HAS been for several DECADES.

Forget about global warming. Forget about Al Quaida. Forget about the Taliban. Forget about Iran's nuclear program. Forget about the skinheads in Russia. Forget about genetically-modified foods. Forget about the value of the dollar. Forget about the home-loan crisis. Forget about cancer, forget about strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, emphasema, deep-vein thrombosis, baldness, pesticides, bird flu, virus-carrying mosquitoes and EVERY OTHER GODDAMN THING THE JEWISH MEDIA DREAMS UP LIKE RODEO CLOWNS to divert our attention from what's really going on!

Gentle reader, by FAR the biggest and most serious threat you and your family will ever have to face are the machinations of the Jews in the Western media and in our so-called Western governments - which, incredible as it seems, ultimately take their orders not from you or me, but from Israel. This threat is HUGE and it is total POISON to society and far, far worse for you and yours than any tangible threat that might arise from some new breed of insect being able to spread AIDS, or Cuba developing nuclear missiles, or whatever else you got.

If we can't BAN television or cinema outright in America (YET!) then we need to enforce the following warning before every TV show or movie screening: "The following feature is highly likely to DAMAGE YOUR BRAIN and POISON YOUR CHILDREN'S MINDS." which is, after all, a hell of a lot more truthful than the current version: "the following feature has been declared suitable for ALL AUDIENCES by the Motion Picture Association of America."

One final point: though the Jew regards his TV media poison as entirely suitable for consumption by OUR kids, his OWN are not permitted to view it, for the Jew knows its dangers. The Jews - an extremely family-orientated people - are very circumspect about allowing potentially deadly cultural influences into the home, so TV is a very rare sight indeed in any Hisadic Jewish home. If it's present at all, it's invariably switched off!

In this way, the Jew is analogous to the drug dealer in the school yard who would never dream of selling drugs to his own children; or the burger-vendor who minces up any old fatty gristle for his customers, but only feeds his own kids on the very finest prime cuts.

It's the world's worst-kept secret. The Jews are total poison to decent society. And this is a fact that (thanks to the Internet) is now becoming ever more widely recognized. Jews are poison. Their Agenda is poison. Tell everyone you know: your kids, their friends, your workmates, your workmates' kids, cops in the street. Tell EVERYONE. Tell them all NOW and for as long as you have breath in your body, KEEP TELLING THEM.