Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spotlight on Larry Silverstein...

Silverstein is a prime Suspect with the requisite inside knowledge that should have placed him under a Grand Jury investigation following the 9/11 attacks six years ago. WHY the HELL hasn't he been so-placed? And why the hell has he been permitted to oversee the reconstruction of the World Trade Center site? And WHY the HELL has he commissioned (at ENORMOUS PUBLIC EXPENSE) his favorite buddy JEWISH architect to design the new project?

Readers with no schooling in the machinations of the Jews may have no knowledge of Silverstein, therefore a small, introductory, potted biography may be necessary... Larry Silverstein is the Jewish billionaire that owned (and still controls) the leases for the entire World Trade Center site.

Larry Silverstein took over the lease on the WTC only 8 weeks before all the buildings were miraculously destroyed by 'terrorist' attacks. Upon his takeover as landlord, two months prior to the attacks, Silverstein upped the insurance value of the buildings to such an extent that following 9/11, he made a cool $500,000,000 profit from his foreknowledge of their destruction.

WTC tower 7 was destroyed on the same day but (AMAZINGLY) wasn't hit by ANY aircraft, ANY aviation fuel, or ANY debris from the main crash site. It simply collapsed for no reason whatsoever alongside the other buildings that WERE actually struck.

Subsequently asked to explain this remarkable occurrence, Silverstein stated during a verifiable radio interview, that he made the decision to "pull the building" in consultation with the NYFD. This is a clear reference to a controlled demolition of Building 7 in the interests of public safety. And that's fine. Silverstein had public safety in mind. He made the decision in concert with the Fire Authorities in the interests of the public good.

But there's a problem. Well, several problems, actually. And they appear to the independent thinker as insuperable ones. In fact they appear to the realist as totally intractable ones.

The impossibilities of Larry Silverstein's claim need to be addressed AS A MATTER OF THE UTMOST URGENCY.

The Jew Silverstein may be perfectly innocent of any wrong-doing. It's just that what he has said on record strongly suggests otherwise. What he has said indicates that he had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks and profited from them greatly. And that profit has come at the cost of 2,974 lives. That's the number of lives lost in the attacks of 9/11- and more than double that since in futile and criminal reprisals against an innocent Iraq.

If there is ANY righteous compunction left in America today, it must be directed, in the first instance, at going for the jugular of Larry Silverstein. Silverstein MUST be placed under a Grand Jury investigation forthwith, failing which the America people may correctly conclude that their government really HAS been stolen from them by the Jews.