Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Crimes of Israel Remain Unsung...

Do y'all remember protest singers? There were an awful lot of them around in the late 1960s, crooning over various fashionable causes: Vietnam, nuclear war, the evils of capitalism and the virtues of banned substances like cannabis and LSD. Funny, isn't it, how times have changed. Though the golden age of the protest song was in the late 60s, politically-motivated singers were still belting out their 'anti-war/pro-understanding' stuff well into the late 80s. Causes dear to their bleeding hearts also included South Africa – a one-time paradise which civilized, white minority rule had made the most outstandingly successful country in the entire continent for blacks and white alike.
Whether we agreed with the various sentiments of these young and 'principled' musicians or not, the fact of the matter is that they got all the exposure they needed to highlight any cause they saw fit (always provided, of course, that it was lurching towards the left of the political spectrum).
Those idealistic days are well behind us now, but youth and blood are still as fresh, rebellious and wild as ever (such is the nature of man) and yet SOMETHING is strangely missing from today's popular culture: the protest song. Can you name just ONE song EVER that's been even mildly critical of Israel? Millions of people are deeply concerned at the outrages perpetrated by the Jews in this unlawfully annexed part of Palestine, but if you only derive your world-view from the mainstream Jewish controlled media, you would never, ever know!
To the best of Phaedrus' recollection, there has never been a single, solitary protest song highlighting Israel's manifold atrocities. This bankrupt patch of barren desert which until 59 years ago was a sizable portion of the ancient, noble, sovereign nation of Palestine where innocent Arab children played peacefully in the sun, has since become THE most explosively hateful and inflammatory region on the globe. And we don't have to look far for the reasons.
Routinely, Israeli Jewish soldiers shoot dead innocent Palestinian children just for the hell of it - and because they KNOW they can get away with it - because the United States will back them up at the UN. And you know what? We as American citizens are rightly assumed by the world to support our government's backing of Israel. We, after all, live in a democracy and are ultimately responsible for our government's actions in the eyes of the world. Small wonder we have become so viscerally hated around the world when we prominently ally ourselves to such an irreversibly evil breed of creature as the Israeli, Zionist Jew.
Yet in the face of this monstrous evil, which FAR surpasses anything that happened in Apartheid South Africa, protest songs and protest singers come there none! We know feelings are running high among our young people who remain as concerned today as they did 40 years ago about the sickening injustice of these endless wars, yet no one seems to have the motivation to get up and take a stand against it. But is that REALLY so? Phaedrus believes not. Phaedrus, in fact, knows better...
The music industry is just another offshoot of the Jewish-controlled media. The ownership of virtually ALL the major record labels of today - no matter how fashionably-rebellious they may be named, can ultimately be traced back to huge, Jewish corporations. To publish the full list here is beyond the scope of this article - it is MIND-NUMBINGLY lengthy - but suitably motivated readers can find all their questions concerning this shameful ancestry answered by the good folks at the Vanguard News Network (see under recommended links).
Envisage if you can, the following scenario: a bright-eyed, idealistic young band turns up at its record company's offices with a brand new song tackling a previously taboo subject. It's entitled: "Jews Get Yo' Asses Out of Palestine!" Can you imagine that song getting any promotion in the mainstream media? No? 'Ce'st la vie' - as the grubby Jew Sarkozy of France would say.