Saturday, September 29, 2007

Racism is a Positive and Natural Human Characteristic!

Yes, it may sound strange to those of us who get our news from mainstream Jewish-controlled sources (which is virtually ALL of them) but the FACT is that racial discrimination against others has been shown to be very favorable indeed for the successful development of northern european peoples and their descendants here in the US, Canada and elsewhere around the globe.

There are several excellent reasons why favoring one's own kind over outsiders benefits those of northern european decent. These reasons are so obvious that there is no need to repeat them here. In any event, they are readily ascertainable from more specialized sites. The sole function of this short essay, therefore, is to try to explore WHY on earth this indisputable fact has been turned into a tainted and taboo untruth by the age-old enemy whose aim it is to destroy our entire way of life - the Jews.

Racism, we are constantly told, is evil. Racists are evil, sub-human, ignorant, bigoted, lower class, intellectually-impoverished and whatever else you got. BULLSHIT!!! Evolutionary biologists have proved these accusations to be entirely without foundation. It was scandalous and outrageous, therefore, that these scientists who assumed - as scientists would - that truth would prevail over fantasy had their careers trashed by the forces of darkness and deceit that continue to contaminate the planet with their vile lies.

It can only be so in a world-turned-upside-down that the Truth has been gagged in order to propagate a blatant lie dreamed up by a bunch of criminals whose interests lie solely in drowning the genes of successful, hard-working white folks' offspring in the stagnant pool of junk DNA that continues to spring from Africa and the Caribbean. This is a fusion that only EVER results in misery, poverty, madness and an early death. No good has EVER arisen from the union of a black man with a white woman or vice-versa. Everyone who reads these words will know in their hearts the truth of them, black and white alike.

Additionally, the focus on RACISM alone is a distraction. It is nothing more than a macro-smokescreen. The rot REALLY set in when our people first strayed from the protections afforded by TRIBALISM. Consider this: when your daughter goes out to a party at the invitation of a friend it is undeniably true that today you have NO idea who on earth she is associating with. You have NO control over the people she meets, who MAY well be her friends, but may also be complete strangers. STRANGERS! That word carries the implication of a contingent liability...

In modern society, which is the rotten, dysfunctional charade that the Jews have engineered us to exist in (more of this in a subsequent post) it has become 'normal' for your daughter to walk out the door at 8pm and return by midnight (or whatever time). In this "modernistic" society, you have NO control over whom she meets with, talks to, arranges to see again, is seen home by, or whatever. And if you try to assert any form of parental control you are labeled as "square" or "out-of-date" or "old-fashioned" or a "control-freak" [insert your own favorite Liberal buzz-insult-word it's all the same.]

This is a state of affairs that was NEVER countenanced during the greatest phases of our development. If some knuckle-dragging, simian Neanderthal came sidling up to your precious, fair-skinned daughter in an attempt to impregnate her with its inferior seed, you and/or the rest of your tribe could see the danger a mile away and would robustly see-off the unwelcome intruder together with his sub-standard genome. And his ass would doubtless also take a deserved whuppin' for stepping out of line!

Sadly, gentile reader, that is not the case today. It is utter madness, but in this age of what can laughably be called "tolerance" you can be branded a "racist monster" and get your career trashed simply by trying to PROTECT YOUR OWN CHILDREN from harm. You know darn well that if your darling daughter gets impregnated by a Negro, she'll wind up with a brown baby and the Negro will be off over the hills and far away to nail his next victim. And your daughter's life chances of ever having a happy, successful and fulfilled life with a decent white guy are Zero - because she'll have a little chimp in tow and no one with any prospects will so much as look at her.

So WHY are these indisputable facts of modern life being suppressed? Broken, mixed-race, one-parent 'families' are being 'raised' right across our nation and turning out generation after generation of criminals. And this is all deliberate policy on the part of the Jews that in reality now run this country and have done for many decades. It takes a leap of imagination to come to form the belief that ANY group of people could be so diabolical, but it's the inescapable truth. Don't waste a single second of your time on what these filth (our so-called leaders) say and claim during the run-ups to elections. JUST LOOK AROUND YOU AND JUDGE THEM SOLELY BY THE CESSPOOL IN WHICH WE NOW LIVE.