Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Britain may take DNA from ALL its citizens!

A massive invasion of privacy or a vitally-important crime-fighting tool?

One of Britain's most senior judges, Lord Justice Sedley, has made quite an astonishing plea to the UK government. He wants to see the country's existing DNA database (which at present holds information on convicted persons) expanded to include samples from EVERYONE in the UK AND everyone visiting it!

Leaving aside the issue of visitors for a moment (though if implemented it will no doubt hit tourism there pretty badly) this idea does throw up some interesting possibilities and Phaedrus is of the view that it shouldn't be rejected entirely out of hand.

For a start, DNA evidence not only nails the guilty, it protects the innocent from being unjustly convicted. Secondly, DNA evidence is currently of most value in detecting the perpetrators of sex crimes and murder - both of which are predominantly carried out by blacks against whites. It would surely also encourage black males who simply can't keep their dicks under control to wear a condom when raping their victims.

But there's another VITALLY useful application for such an extension to Britain's existing database that should really spur us on to adopt such a system here, too. Just imagine; there would be no more Occult Jews wriggling their way into positions of public trust. No Jew would be able to hide under a false, westernized name and thereby pass him/herself off as being of european decent. We could EASILY vet all our future politicians, judges, lawyers, doctors, newspaper proprietors, broadcasters and so on for any genetic link to David's line.

Without such a system in place, we continue to be at risk from being infiltrated by Jews continuing to pass themselves off as normal human beings as opposed to what they REALLY are: every Goy's mortal enemies. So let us welcome Lord Sedley's proposal and view it not as just another tool for repression, but rather as a valuable resource to make the world of tomorrow a better one for our children.