Monday, September 17, 2007

A Jew urges the Germans to surrender their liberties!

The German people have been given a lecture on their lax anti-terror laws by a 'British Jew' who, like many of his brethren, has infiltrated the UK's House of Lords and got himself a title and some power to go with it. The so-called 'Lord' Weidenfeld (who changed his first name to 'George' so he would be better able to blend into British society after fleeing the Nazis in the 1930s) drew a parallel between Germany's notorious communist Red Army Faction revolutionaries of the 1970s, and the Islamic terrorists of today. Note: this is a typical Jewish tactic (see earlier posting under the title: "Creating Common Enemies").

In an interview last week for the newspaper, Die Zeit, The Jew Weidenfeld warns Germans that the Islamists are out to destroy Western society. This claim struck Phaedrus as somewhat ironic, given that if anyone's out to destroy Western society, it's Jews like Weidenfeld. Quite what business it is of this gangrenous old buzzard of 88 years of age to lecture the Germans about their internal affairs is anyone's guess, but since the British taxpayer is picking up the tab for his visit, no doubt it made a nice free trip for this conniving old bastard, going about his work for Israel at Britain's expense - just as the rest of them do.

In summing up, the Jew called for Europe and the USA to work together to create and enforce MUCH tougher, common anti-terror laws (yes, you read that right "common anti-terror laws" - so to hell with the Constitution) and said flatly that the choice was between two evils: the lesser evil was sacrificing some freedoms in the interests of remaining alive; the greater evil was enacting no new laws and being wiped out. Who exactly is CAPABLE of 'wiping us out' (apart from the Jews themselves of course) is darned hard to conceive, but Weidenfeld is so 'concerned' for our future that he has dutifully pointed out this 'threat' to us. What a noble fellow, huh?

So we can see that the Jews are up to their old tricks in Europe, too. The message - formulated as ever in Tel Aviv - is the same the world over: give up your liberties or suffer the consequences. In the above instance, the Jew Weidenfeld predicts we'll all be wiped out if we don't embrace something approaching martial law. However, Phaedrus believes this is just another great big stinking Jewish lie. The biggest threat to our freedom lies in believing the falsehoods propagated by scheming, perfidious Jewish rodents like the afore-mentioned specimen who purports to come from England and be British - when in fact HE IS NOTHING OF THE KIND and simply just another agent of Israel.