Wednesday, September 26, 2007

America - Hijacked by a Foreign Power

It is at once both interesting and revealing to see the level of outrage that Western governments and media are venting over Burma's rulers' crackdown on the recent mass protests. Hardly a handful of people had been killed/seriously injured before there were strident calls for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, demands for even tougher sanctions and dire warnings to Burma's government that the world was now watching their every move. Such a lot of fuss!

The obvious question that arises here is why no similar fuss when far worse treatment is meted out by Israel to the people of Palestine? What's the difference here exactly? Burma is certainly no worse in the treatment of its people than Israel is in its treatment of the Palestinians. Has Burma shot dead any innocent children? No, unlike Israel it hasn't. Yet one form of abuse results in (quite rightly) furious condemnation and the other - for some inexplicable reason - such a muted and wholly impotent response from the West that the greater evil continues to flourish unchecked.

It is precisely these kind of blatant dual-standards in foreign relations that have generated a justifiable and vitriolic resentment against us in the eyes of other countries. We have allowed a situation to come about where our foreign policy is entirely dominated by and for the interests of Israel. The unfairness of it all screams prejudice to the outside world. When an Arab leader who is not in the pocket of the Jews speaks at the UN and the US representatives walk out, people notice. Likewise whenever Israel perpetuates one of its periodic pogroms against the Palestinians and the US sits on its hands and refuses to condemn Jewish atrocities committed in Gaza and the West Bank; again, people NOTICE.

This kind of outrageous partiality in foreign relations is pernicious and deeply damaging to our reputation abroad. It has cost us and continues to cost us thousands of lost American lives and hundreds of billions of dollars fighting battles that bring NO BENEFIT OF ANY KIND whatsoever for America. Who is to blame? Mostly is those of us that have been simply to busy or lazy to care and have allowed this deplorable situation to arise. The Jews are only doing what Jews do and have ever done: exploiting the Goyim. If we're stupid enough to simply sit back and let them, then we only get what we deserve. We need to get the message across to our friends, neighbors, kids, work-colleagues and everyone else that Israel has hijacked American interests for its own purposes and the eventual result will be the total ruination of our once-great country. TELL EVERYONE. TELL THEM LOUD AND TELL THEM NOW.