Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Switzerland Shows the Way!

Switzerland Shows the Way!

This small, independent, picturesque central european nation has lost some of its luster in the past couple of decades. Mass immigration has taken its toll on the country's demographics. Whereas at one time, the land-locked state was virtually 100% white, that figure has withered to 80%, with the other 20% comprising non-white immigrants (both legal and illegal).

The problem for the Swiss is that this shift in the ethnic composition of the country has resulted in an upsurge in crime (now who would have thought that, huh?) And all this in a country that 25 years ago was so crime free that its police could all take a lunch break together from 1-2pm and no one would rob any banks! Boy, are those days long gone!

Anyway, one group of folks decided to DO something about it and formed the Swiss People's Party to push for the rights of real Swiss people not to be subordinated to the demands of foreigners. One key policy plank of theirs is that (if they're elected) any foreigner resident in the country who commits a crime will, after being subject to the normal legal process, have his DNA taken, be stripped of his right to remain (if he had any), and be permanently deported together with his family.

To get this policy message across, they embarked on a poster campaign showing three white sheep in a pen getting together to kick a black sheep out. Now of course everyone with any sense knows a black sheep is simply a well-recognized term for someone who's no good, regardless of race, but it hasn't played that way with the politically-correct elements within the country. The Liberals have screamed "Racist!!!" at the Party's executive and have had their whining echoed (predictably) by the Jews, who claim to be fearful, upset and offended because it's an uncomfortable reminder of their own treatment under the Nazis!

Quite possibly the Swiss People's Party foresaw such an unholy stink arising from their actions, but bravely pressed ahead anyway. And you know what? They've obviously struck a chord with the Swiss voter because they now LEAD in the latest set of opinion polls! Hopefully they will grow as a force and win power. But we shouldn't celebrate too soon. The forces of oppression are strong. Germany's equivalent National Party, the NPD, is also riding high on an anti-immigration/anti-crime ticket and the German Government is - incredibly - currently debating whether to declare the Party illegal!

Austria had a similar experience with Jorg Heider, a supposedly 'far right' politician who became Prime Minister of that country a few years back. In spite of Austria being a mature, well-informed democracy and the elections being free and fair, there were calls from around europe (including the European Union and several mainstream international newspapers) for the result to be declared null and void!! So that's what democracy's worth,friends. Dubya's always telling us how important it is and trying to export it around the world. But it's gotta be the 'right type' of democracy - one in which nationalist parties are excluded and the Jews get to run everything.