Monday, September 3, 2007

China: evil beyond belief

Whilst America's Worst Ever President is otherwise occupied playing soldiers in Iraq and contemplating wiping out yet another blameless country in the shape of Iran, an infinitely more dangerous enemy is marshaling its forces and drawing its plans against us. China, for so long the far-east's sleeping dragon is well and truly on the rise again and is in the process of re-arming Big Time.

Engorged on foreign earnings and amassing huge sums month after month from trade surpluses, China has been spending ever greater amounts to increase its offensive capabilities. Like Russia, it looks out at the world with a new and growing confidence. Unlike Russia, however, its gaze is far from benign.

As a military threat to the West, China eclipses all the countries in the so-called 'axis of evil' put together by a million miles. The fact that the threat it poses to us is being largely ignored is illustrative of the fact that 'our' government is more preoccupied with countries that threaten ISRAEL than countries that threaten US. Such is the extent of the Jewish stranglehold over the White House that all other concerns are subordinated to the interests and defense of Zion.

China is the cesspool of the world. It doesn't even care about its own people, leave alone anyone else. The government of this totalitarian state has just announced that IT will revise the selection process for Tibet's new Dalai Lama so that that IT will get its man appointed to that esteemed role. IT, however, has no lawful authority to do so. IT is a regime that eschews religious belief in accordance with its eclectic approach to Communism. IT is a different country entirely and cannot lawfully interfere in Tibetan affairs.

This usurping of the Tibetan people's legitimate right to manage their own affairs is typical of the way China tramples over the rights of people anywhere it can get away with it. China has implemented the same draconian policies against the people of Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. And yet China has been awarded next year's Olympic Games. We don't get to hear much about China's abuses in the newspapers or on TV, because China is not currently of interest to Israel whereas Russia, on the other hand, most certainly is.

In view of China's despicable human and civil rights record, its crushing of freedom of expression, it's censorship of the Internet, its repression of the people of Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, we should not only be considering boycotting the Games, but wiping these scum from the face of the earth while we can, for once THEY are in a position to do so to US, they surely will. Their historical behavior clearly indicates that. And this is a genuine threat that the interests of Israel must NOT be permitted to prevail over.