Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fired and vilified - for advocating motherhood!

Here's a story from Germany that's enough to make Jayne Gardener's blood boil.

Eva Herman, a news anchor woman for the German TV channel NDR has been sacked for upholding family values. Ms. Herman, 48, who has worked for NDR since 1988 made the innocuous comment out of working hours in a bookstore during a book signing session.
She innocently observed:

"Not everything was terrible during that [1930s] time; one good thing was that the value of families sticking together and the role of the mother was appreciated."

Seems harmless enough, doesn't it? And not even stated on-air, either. Yet it has led to her instant dismissal after 19 years of faithful service! Not only that, but the story has been splashed on the front pages of Germany's tabloids and labeled as a "Nazi Scandal" which is clearly is NOT.

Having been branded as a Nazi sympathizer by the country's Jewish-controlled media will no doubt make it extremely difficult for Ms. Herman to find another job in her chosen career, particularly in this most culturally brow-beaten of all countries. From such a harsh lesson, the message is clear. Don't you ever, ever even think about questioning the 'new values' being put across on TV and in the newspapers. The whole process of re-engineering how we think about society's issues is not even up for discussion. You will parrot the party line or find yourself out on your ear.