Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A malignant Breed Apart

Sometimes people ask Phaedrus, "Say, why you got such a bug up your ass about the Jews? They're just folks trying to get by like everybody else."

Sure there is good and bad in everyone and to generalize about any particular group of people admittedly paints a minority of them undeservedly with the characteristics of the majority. However, whilst Phaedrus freely accepts that not all Jews are out to screw us all to hell, an uncomfortably large number undeniably ARE.

So what exactly is Phaedrus' beef with these people?

Well, there are a number of unpleasant characteristics surrounding the Jews that has led to them being expelled from over a hundred places around the world in the last 1700 years. So clearly bloggers like Phaedrus are not the only ones to have found serious fault with them. Now let's cut the crap and get down to specifics...

Point 1: the Jews are an elitist race who regard themselves as better, worthier and more important than everyone else. Their so-called Holy Book, the Talmud, gives them the right to regard non-Jews (Gentiles) as their Slaves. Yes, you read that right: Slaves. Gentiles (or "Goyim" as the Jews call us - the term means something like "cattle" or "peasants" in English) can be exploited by the Jews in any which way they please. To the observant Jew, we the peasants/cattle are such a lowly class of creature that we cannot legally own property or marry. Everything that we THINK we own, is simply as yet unclaimed Jewish property and will belong "to the Jew who uses it first" (to quote from the Talmud.) In fact most of what we know about the complex belief systems of the Jews comes from apostate ex-members of this vile faith who have recanted of their evil ways and renounced Judaism. Without their help, these nasty little secrets would probably never have been revealed to Gentile eyes, for the Talmud is an intimidatingly complex compilation of very many ancient Hebrew texts that are largely incomprehensible to anyone other than a dedicated Jewish scholar.

Point 2: History shows that they invariably ingratiate themselves with the rulers of any land in which they settle and proceed to worm their way into positions of power and influence over public life, to the detriment of the indigenous peoples on the one hand, and their own self-advancement and enrichment on the other. They enter into this interference in others' affairs quite naturally, for it is simply born out of their unshakable sense of "Entitlement" arising out of their inflated sense of self-worth over others.

Point 3: They have shown themselves to be totally implacable to rational argument and absolutely will NOT compromise on any matter or cause upon which they may at any time be engaged. They want EVERYTHING their own way, stemming from the profound conviction that their own needs and interests are of over-arching importance to everyone else's. On the rare occasions when these kind of monkey shines are exposed, their attitude is one of "well what did you expect?" and a notable arrogant absence of the remotest sign of contrition.

Point 4: They are yellow-bellied, whining cowards who trick others into fighting their battles for them. Bravery is not a quality that one ever associates with the Jew. Given this and their belief that they are superior and more worthy than the rest of us peasants, it is hardly surprising that they have sought over the years to embroil others in their conflicts to fight their corner for them. Their chief source for this cannon fodder in modern times has been the youth of the United States. Every day in Iraq and Afghanistan, American lives are being sacrificed to Jewish interests whilst at the same time, the people of this once-great nation are hoodwinked into believing that their young folks are making the ultimate sacrifice in the service of America alone.

Point 5: They are so twisted, ruthless and corrupt that they routinely engage in false-flag military operations to draw the United States into groundless wars against THEIR enemies. One notable example was the USS Liberty's destruction during the presidency of LBJ in the 1960s. The Israeli air force deliberately tried to wipe out this ship and its entire company and blame the assault on the Arabs, in order that the American people would demand a war against the Arabs. Many such similar operations have been carried out since, including BOTH the World Trade Center attacks, which though not directly carried out by Israel, were certainly FACILITATED by its agents here in the US.

Point 6: They use their virtually total control of the media to spin lie after lie after lie to the American people. The Jews control 96% of the Western media so virtually everything we see or hear or read is filtered and shaped to advance the Jewish Agenda - which invariably enriches these parasites and THEIR interests at OUR expense. In fact we have passed the point now where we actually PAY the Jews in DC and elsewhere to DESTROY us and our wonderful cultural heritage and bury it beneath a pile of afro-latino garbage! Now how screwed up is that??

Point 7: Their overwhelming control over Hollywood and the TV entertainment business has given them the unprecedented power to convey a fictitious world-view to the people of the West. We are constantly instilled with a drip, drip, drip of poisonous values that are deathly to civilized society. We are told we shouldn't question the myth that there's nothing harmful about homosexuality, inter-racial relationships, one-parent families, open marriages and under-age sex. They have deluged our TV screens with ugly images of "rap artists" who extol the virtues of drugs, prostitution, pimping, killing white people and child sex. All this promotion is purposely calculated to bring about the demise of civilized society - yes, PURPOSELY.

Point 8: They unendingly portray themselves as history's victims; the harmless, well-meaning, misunderstood minority that were unjustly persecuted wherever they tried to settle. The truth is that they have no interest in integration; they remain aloof and apart, and only interact with the "peasants" in order to profit out of us or to do us down. Far from being victims of the Gentile, they are in fact enslaving us. WE are all, in reality, victims OF the Jews just as our forebears were in their time. As Churchill once said, if the Jews aren't licking YOUR boots, they're kicking you in the head with THEIRS.

Point 9: They have disgustingly low moral standards, even among their own. Wherever they have settled in the world throughout all of recorded history, they have lowered the moral tone of the land they occupy and set out to bring everyone else down to their level. They fear and despise beauty, for they themselves are ugly, and they want no one to be fairer than they are. Hence they advance ugliness and dysfunctional society values through their all-encompassing media interests, to the detriment and peril of us all and our children.

Point 10: They want to impose their twisted world-view world-wide and are constantly working towards a New World Order where there will be only, in effect, two countries: Israel and Everywhere Else. Israel will be the only remaining sovereign state and the only country to have a water-tight border. All other national boundaries will be abolished and peoples from around the world will be able to travel throughout the globe relatively freely, unless, of course, they want to enter Israel. Israel will become the world's new Washington DC. The function of Israel at this future time will be the World's Supreme Court and all significant disputes over anything of any value, monetary, notional or spiritual, will be decided by appointed panels of senior Jews; a kind of latter day Sanhedrin.

Point 11: They have, with their massive media control, elevated the Negro to an unhealthy level of exposure with respect to our established, yet increasingly-imperiled white, Northern European stock. The aforementioned Negroes have not surprisingly seized upon the new platform upon which they have been fortuitously placed, to beat up on us white folks. The lyrics of the omni-present "rap artists" extol heavily negative social values which encourage the complete destruction of our once orderly existence. Anyone criticizing these Jewish media created, out-of-control Negroes, however, is branded as "racist" and likely to suffer severe, negative career implications as a result. We are expected to sit back quietly and say nothing whilst all that has ever made our civilization great is resoundingly trashed before our eyes.

Point 12: the Jew through its media stranglehold fosters the belief that black is beautiful and white is somehow mean and ugly and that white folks should be ashamed about their history and heritage. The Jew berates us via its media interests, that somehow, we white folks are responsible for all the ills in this world and has propagated this belief among blacks, fueling friction and resentment. We whites are to blame for the fact that black children are under-achievers at school; for the fact that they can't get a break; for the fact that they are 10 times more likely to attack whites than whites are to attack them. Even though the media is controlled by Jews and these Jews encourage blacks to attack whites, it's still the white folks' fault!

Point 13: they are the world's most vitriolic racists who regard EVERYONE else as inferior to them, and boy don't they say so - but usually only among themselves. They reserve special contempt for the Negro whom (despite all the pretences to the contrary) they regard with a particularly visceral hatred. YET at the same time, they castigate the rest of us for the SLIGHTEST politically-incorrect transgression. This is SOME double-standard coming from the inventors of political correctness whom one might expect something better from. But there again we are talking about the Jews here.

Point 14: they use certain influential Gentiles who might be of use to them for as long as it suits them and then dump said Gentiles flat cold without a second's thought, regardless of how much value they may have extorted through them. Phaedrus has no beef when this is a contract freely entered into where the Gentile knows his counterparty is a Jew, for it is only what one should expect, but when the Jew is of the concealed variety, an "occult Jew" so to speak, it becomes a very different matter. Of course in either case, when such an arrangement is contrary to public policy, or results in a corruption of public service, both parties should face an independent judicial process and the appropriate legal consequences.

And the above points are not exhaustive! Regular readers of this blog will no doubt spot many omissions and have their own experiences and observations, but these are simply the most prominent objectionable traits displayed by these wretched people that Phaedrus could bring to mind in the one hour or so it took to write this article. Hopefully this piece will contribute something useful to the on-going debate surrounding the Jewish Problem.