Monday, September 24, 2007

Please don't Nuke us, Mr. President!

Hey George, I'm begging you: hear the plea of this humble blogger and spare the people of Portland from Israel's latest scheme to drag the US into a war against Iran. Why are you serving the interests of an alien power when you should be putting the interests of the American people FIRST? Remember US? WE put you were you are now! Why have our lives become so cheap? Don't you know radiation causes cancer and birth defects?

Maybe you've already decided to move the target area of this new dirty bomb scam to someplace else, what with the fact that the news of it has already leaked out onto the Internet, it would be real stupid to go ahead with it in this light, wouldn't it? And you're a smart guy, George. Well, you're as dense as a pound of nails if the truth be known, but I mean you've got some smart people working AROUND you (your buddies in Mossad and the CIA). So I guess you'll move the stunt elsewhere. But the resulting delay has proved costly, hasn't it, George? I mean, those guys that lost $3bn or whatever it was on those stockmarket puts that expired on Friday! Boy, they must be sure be pissed you couldn't get your act together in time! Someone's gonna get their ass kicked big time over that! Most likely end up dead in a ditch somewhere. Better make sure it isn't YOUR ass next time as the Jews can just suddenly turn on you if you can't deliver.

The thing is, George, life's a bitch and these false flag operations are getting tougher and tougher to pull off nowadays. It's kind of like with Extraordinary Rendition. Who would have thought a bunch of goof-ball plane-spotters would be unwittingly able to collect enough evidence to prove that you fly innocent people to far-off countries in order to torture them? Now we have the Internet, obscure people who were previously voiceless and insignificant now discuss what they see going on from their own back windows, and the rest of us can put together their individually meaningless jumble of details and build up a complete picture of what you and your Jewish cronies are up to 24/7. It's like WE are spying on YOU for a change!

This is a phenomenon that you really gotta finally wake up to, George. You pull this dirty bomb stunt on us and as likely as not, it won't be that nice Mr. Ahmadinejad's head that will be for the chop, but yours. The American people don't trust you no mo', bro. They're seeing the light at last, thanks to the humble heroes of the Internet. You can no longer rely on your corrupt pals in the mainstream media to bury stories. People don't need the mainstream, Jewish-controlled media any more. Increasing numbers of them are getting raw news first-hand via the net, which can't realistically be censored. You might want to remember that, George, before you pull any more stunts for those precious Jewish buddies of yours.