Friday, December 7, 2007

Is it Ever Right to Break the Law?

Like many Americans, Phaedrus was brought up to salute the flag, believe in God and trust the president. And there was indeed once a time when we could do this with all our hearts. Sadly, however, those days are over and have been over now for many decades, if the truth be known. Personally speaking, I still had some residual degree of faith in 'our' government prior to 9/11. It was only that bungled set-piece mass-murder that opened my eyes to the fact that America as we knew and loved it as kids, is sadly no more. There was no precise "time of death" for our country; it simply slipped away in the course of a few short decades.

For many years prior to the 9/11 Epiphany, though, I'd been deeply worried about the direction in which we were heading - the promotion of ugly, anti-social rap 'music' and garbage movies that glamorized highly-stylized violence. But I simply resigned myself to the fact that we live in a free country and as such some people will do and say things that the rest of us find objectionable. The fact that blacks could say anything violently racist against US, but we couldn't against THEM, I just put down to misguided but well-intentioned Liberalism. It certainly NEVER entered my head that the government and the media had teamed-up to purposely and coldly DESTROY ME, MY PEOPLE AND OUR CULTURE.

Yet that is the terrible conclusion I have had to draw from 6 subsequent years of studying the evidence. So with this awful enlightenment - as yet shared by probably less than 1% of us - I look at every proposed new law from a position of suspicion and distrust. I seek out an ulterior motive for everything that's put before Congress. The big question is this: if an outsider bribes or otherwise coerces our elected officials to pass laws that take away our rights, freedoms and liberties, am I as a citizen obliged to respect and obey those laws nevertheless? I'm afraid this is what happens in America nowadays and with every judicial twist and turn, the true American is becoming ever more marginalized.

Phaedrus takes the view that not only must such crooked, undemocratic laws be flouted, but those who sponsored and passed them must be exposed and ousted from power by whatever means necessary. And if that requires MY blood being spilled and there is no other way, then COUNT ON ME TO SPILL IT. As a citizen, it is not only justifiable for me to fight back against this corrupt, alien-backed government, it is my DUTY. And in that duty I shall not fail. Those bastards in Washington and their puppet masters in Tel Aviv can pass whatever the hell laws they like, but if they're unconstitutional then they don't count for jack so far as this blogger is concerned. THEY MUST AND WILL BE RESISTED.


Anonymous said...

You make me sick you racist bastard.

Anonymous said...

It is becuase of people like you that there is violence and protest against foreigners. You may call yourself sophisticated and intelligent but really you are a gullible xenophobic idiot that has been influenced by some other bastard.

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