Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Christmas Message from Phaedrus

Dear fans and detractors alike,

As the holiday season - darn it! I mean CHRISTMAS season - is finally upon us, let us take a little time to reflect on how we should mark its arrival. The Jews would extol us to spend, spend, spend and worry about the cost some time in January when the bills come in. They also urge us to pig ourselves on excessive feasting, fornicating and drinking. They do this throughout the year of course, but the 'urge to splurge' at Christmas is especially impressed upon us with a maelstrom of advertising through every available medium. But while we're busy planning whatever festivities we have in mind, let's spare a thought for all those who have been innocent victims of the machinations of world Jewry.

Let's think about the parents of the nation's children fighting for Israel's interests in Iraq and Afghanistan, never knowing from one day to the next when their child may be killed or seriously wounded.

Let's remember all the soldiers sent home suffering from PTSD, depression, anxiety and terrible physical injuries from which they will never recover.

Let's consider those innocent Iraqi lives that have been destroyed in this unholy "War for Terror" and their shattered families.

Let's never forget the 2,974 people wantonly slain by 'our' government on September 2001 and the more than 17,000 families left mourning as a result.

Let's remember every teenage girl who ever died from anorexia, having formed the belief from the magazines she read that she was fat and ugly when she wasn't.

Let's us have some sympathy for the broken families torn apart by powerful media attacks on this most fundamental unit of society.

Let us look sympathetically on every white single mother left holding an autistic brown baby, because she bought into the mainstream media nonsense that it is good for whites to interbreed with Negroes.

Let's remember all the victims of every high school shooting, each event feeding off of previous ones, all popularized and publicized by the news media, on purpose, to spawn more and more of the same so that public pressure to prohibit gun ownership will become irresistible.

Let's not forget the more than 2,000,000 people in America's jails, many of them there as a result of the poisonous cultural influences to which they have been constantly subjected through the despicable imagery propagated on TV, trashy 'style magazines' and flashy Hollywood movies.

One could go on and on. The examples of the poisonous influence of the Jews in our lives are limitless. Phaedrus looks forward to the day when they are completely removed from all positions of public influence, for all time. Only then can we make meaningful progress towards a peaceful world.

I shall be letting up on posting over the next week or so, but normal service should (God willing) be resumed in the New Year. Until then, and in the customary spirit of goodwill, Phaedrus would like to wish every peace-seeking individual everywhere - regardless of race or religion - a very happy Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

So many innocent victims, and so much war.

Its always been this way -- since the beginnings: