Friday, December 14, 2007

How DARE you read this??

Well? What do you think you're doing? The OECD has set a growth target of 0.8% for the final quarter of 2007 and what will be your contribution to it, Comrade, if you just sit around reading subversive rubbish on the internet written by muck-raking thought criminals like Phaedrus?

Your role in life can be split into two areas: earning and spending. That's all you're good for. Anything else makes you excess baggage. If you're not working all the hours God sends, then you should be in the shopping mall. It's that simple. There's no time allowance for pissing around on the internet having your belief system challenged by dangerous dissidents. If you DO have legitimate spare time on your hands, watch a Hollywood blockbuster starring Will Smith saving the world or read the National Enquirer - anything but the Internet.

So pretty please with sugar on it: turn off the fucking computer and get back to earning money - or spending it. Be a good little Goy and do like your supposed to. Your Jewish masters demand nothing more or less of you.

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