Wednesday, December 5, 2007

End This Immigration Madness!

Phaedrus is not actually a racist. Everyone around the world is fine, so long as they remain in their original lands. it's only when the Jews tear down borders and encourage mass migration that problems with other cultures and races invariably arise. It benefits neither party if the truth be known; not those who emigrate, nor those among whom they settle. The reasons are different, the but the results the same. It's a miserable failure. Even some of its one-time advocates in Britain who are still in government have been honest enough to admit the policy has been a "disaster" - yes, even some influential lefties have used this precise term to describe where mass immigration and multiculturalism have led the country.

Nigerian women may look very strikingly and colorfully dressed in Lagos and that's fine by me and - I would imagine - everyone else. It looks totally in-keeping with Nigerian culture and I'm sure I'd take lots of photos of the local people if ever I were inclined to visit the country. And I'm sure as a tourist with dollars to spend I'd be made most welcome. But if I have to stand behind such a woman in a ticket queue in Grand Central Station and I miss my train because this woman is angrily babbling away in some tongue that the ticket guy can't understand, then it becomes a very different matter indeed.

What looks fresh, unique and colorful and in Africa sadly loses any charm it has when exported to another country and a different culture. It simply doesn't fit in. It's altogether out of keeping with its new environment. Worse still, when governments start making laws which dictate that newcomers get preferential treatment, powerful resentments are naturally aroused. And if we're honest about it, the policy-makers who come up with lame-brained schemes like Affirmative Action and the like, MUST have seen this coming. They are fully culpable for the irreparable damage they have caused to our culture and society, in my view. THEY are ultimately to blame and should be punished for what they have done to us.

The essence of my beef here is that everything is fine IN ITS PROPER PLACE. It's only when borders are destroyed and cultures undermined that ruination sets in. We see evidence of it every single day in the West. Not just in the US, but in Europe, too. The most obvious offender is the African. With the best will in the world, these people are no good whatever to us in the West. What use are they? Wherever they settle, afrocosis follows. Who needs that? Furthermore, Phaedrus believes that Africa, too, would be a better place if its people didn't emigrate. The country's few skilled people might be able to find employment in the West, but that leaves a skills shortage behind in the continent that can least afford it. Let's demand TOUGH action from our so-called leaders and end this madness as a matter of the utmost urgency.

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