Monday, December 3, 2007

"Better Dead Than Interbred"

If the future for Western civilization is the total destruction of our European culture at the hands of the Jew puppet-masters and our submersion in full-blown multiculturalism in furtherance of New World Order ideology, then I'm afraid you can count me out. I'm not going along with it. Nor will I remain silent.

Those bastards in power want to wipe me and my people out by swamping us with immigrants and telling our kids its good to interbreed with them. I for one am not having it. Anyone trying to wipe out me and my culture is going to have to pay a high price in the pursuit of their sick aims.

This is nothing short of a WAR that's been declared against those of us of European decent. It demands a suitably robust response. Phaedrus for one has no desire whatever to continue living in this Jew-sponsored sewer we insultingly refer to as 'America.'

As a result, I shall be embracing the above maxim with full vigor from this day forward and ensuring that all my family live by it and scream it from the rooftops:


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