Monday, December 3, 2007

Russia's election 'unfair' – Jews shown the door

The elections were unfair!! We couldn't get a break!! (bleat, whine, moan, cry, snivel!)

So claim a bunch of Jews and their corrupt cronies masquerading as 'International Observers' who poked their noses in to Russia's private business on Sunday.

Gee, it's just too bad that Russia will now have to soldier on for at least another 5 years without the guiding hand of a Jew on the country's tiller.

Why didn't Putin embrace Western-style open democratic process? Well perhaps he's seen where it's led to in America, where 3,000 innocent citizens were purposely and callously slaughtered on a single day just to drag the country into an illegal war on a sovereign state which had done nothing wrong. Yeah, a great model of democracy to export, that one, isn't it?

Phaedrus would like to congratulate the United Russia party for its outstanding and well-deserved victory!

PS: Kasparov and his fellow-Jewish backers in London had a support level of less than 1% prior to the polls, anyway, so never (thankfully and realistically) stood a hope in hell of wrecking Russia's future.

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