Friday, December 28, 2007

Jews: more and more exposed...


Just as the ice shelves and glaciers are melting and exposing what lies beneath; so the world itself is shrinking and exposing the Jews for what they are. And it is the Jews themselves, no less, that have made this situation so with their endless pursuit of riches and ever more liberal international trade flows. They are wholly responsible for shrinking the world through their on-going Globalization agenda and this process has resulted in a world in which there is, increasingly, nowhere left for these devious manipulators to hide.

In centuries past, it would be the case that the Jews could simply sidle up to another country's frontier and recite some well-tried sob story about being ungraciously kicked out of their previous settlement, even though they'd made their former, ungrateful, host nation rich. Their claims in those days were largely unverifiable and it must have at first sight appeared attractive to a prospective new host nation to invite in a bunch of "lucky strangers" who claimed they could make everyone in the land rich. Small wonder then, that they were initially welcomed by the majority of new lands in which they attempted to gain entry during the course of their long and troubled history.

But in the world of today - the world the Jews themselves have created in fact - they can no longer escape their dark past. They will never again be able to re-invent themselves as innocent victims of religious and/or racial persecution. Thanks to the Internet, everyone around the world now knows what the Jews are all about. As the world continues to shrink, so it is harder and harder for the Tribe of Abraham to find sanctuary when its machinations are exposed all over the planet via the Internet. Given today's communication infrastructure, the anticedence of this uniquely reprehensible tribe precedes it. This is an example of "what goes around comes around." The phrase might even have been invented for the Jews, in fact.

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