Friday, December 21, 2007

NWO Swallows Up Another 9 Countries

Champagne all round for the scheming shits behind the New World Order today as another 9 countries from eastern europe fall in line - and yet another load of national frontiers are abolished.

This story pulled from the Bagel Boys' Channel. Link below:

Any bunch of illegal immigrants and other crooks can now travel right across Europe from countries like Ukraine and the '-Stans' without ever having to produce a ID or a travel document. Bear in mind the same forces that have set this in place in Europe are busily at work here in the US also. And forget about the threatened North American Union; these bastards want South America included as well; MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. And that's only for starters.

Quote of the day comes from the prime minister of Hungary, Ferenc GYURCSANY (the Jew who admitted repeatedly lying to the Hungarian people to get himself elected). With tears in his eyes, he said he was happy now that no one would evermore have to undergo the fear of approaching a border that his parents had had to endure in order to cross Europe decades ago.

So that's all heart-warming stuff, isn't it. "Give immigrants a break" is his plea. Truly the words of an Internationalist Jew.


Anonymous said...

It's terrible that White European countries are allowing free passage throught border checkpoints without the need of a passport, sort of like America and Canada.

Anonymous said...

Go easy on the Ukrainians.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Phadrus was trying to suggest there was anything inherently crooked about Ukrainians! He has shown before he is very supportive of Russia and its satellites. I think it was simply a badly-phrased way of trying to emphasize the sheer size of the new borderless region.

Phaedrus: Exploring the Machinations of World Jewry... said...

Yep, last comment had it about right. The only criticism I would make about Ukraine is not about its people, but its politicians. Those who seek to align themselves with the EU and US in particular are a big problem. The country would be far better off strengthening its ties with Russia. Anyone who says the future lies with the West is a traitor and probably an agent of the NWO.