Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Should we fail: FutureWorld 2015...


The Jews and their cronies who run the world in 2015 are keenly aware that there are WAY too many people for this planet to support and that the situation has only ever gotten worse, despite all the contrived wars they have continually waged, population numbers continue to grow. Perhaps as many as two-thirds or more of the world's people are gonna have to be culled. But that's over five billion people! Since the Chosen People now call all the shots - yeah ALL (as opposed to just 95% in 2007) who are they most likely to sacrifice? It's clear we should think about this question in terms of which peoples worldwide contribute the most, and the least, to the Jews' goal of retaining control forever and enjoying the fabulous wealth and prestige that making the correct decision will bring them.

Look around. It's pretty obvious right away that there are vast numbers of people who are large net consumers of food, water and resources. And these same people give jack back. They are unbelievably incompetent and ignorant; forever complaining about discrimination; prone to violence, drink and drug abuse and the only thing they excel at is reproducing themselves at an alarming rate - and thereby exacerbating the problems of overpopulation and food shortages. So the Negro is unquestionably at the top of the hit-list. The Jews' long marriage of convenience to the Negro has now served its purpose. Since the Negro unwittingly helped the Jews achieve all their long-term objectives and the Jews now totally control the world, the Negro can be finally disposed of. Blacks came in useful during the earlier phases of the transition towards the NWO, but now they've served their purpose it's best they're got rid of as soon as possible.

Next, consider the white man of European descent. Whites are a mixed blessing. On the one hand they're innovative and hard working and will accept the most enormous amount of abuse before they finally wake up and fight back, yet on the other hand, some of them are WAY too smart for their own good and refuse to accept what they're told by the mainstream media. Furthermore, though many lower-class whites have interbred with Negroes as planned and turned out offspring with the ideal combination of brown skin and impaired intellect, many others have remained pure and resisted all NWO propaganda campaigns portraying mixed relationships in a favorable light. And worse still, a minority who've stayed pure have long-since worked out what the Jews are up to and are plotting to overthrow them and their traitorous Gentile cronies.

Russia remains a HUGE threat. The country stood firm in the face of the NWO juggernaut and refused to bend over to the internationalist agenda. There are no NWO Jews AT ALL in positions of influence in Russia. This is owing to Russia's former Prime Minister Putin enacting decrees to exclude Jews from all public positions in Russia; banning them from the judiciary, central and regional government, the civil service and the media. Not only that, but he refused to accept promotion of homosexuality and racially-mixed relationships through the country's popular media. Russia has been a REALLY SERIOUS obstacle to the advancement of the NWO, so the annihilation of the Russian people, it is believed by many Trilateralists and Bilderbergers, should actually be a HIGHER priority even, than the wiping out of the Negroes in the US, Africa and elsewhere.

China is another potentially deadly threat to the goal of One-World Government. The Chinese remain, as ever, totally inscrutable. They are now armed to the teeth with sophisticated nuclear AND conventional weaponry supplied to them by Russia. They are today in fact, the most heavily armed nation on earth by far - and the richest in terms of foreign exchange reserves. The Chinese government were smart. They 'kept their powder dry' as the old saying goes (meaning they fought no ruinously expensive and unnecessary wars like America did) plus they dumped the dollar in favor of gold sometime before the 2008 Debt Crisis blew up and the dollar fell out of favor big time. America is no longer top dog and the Jews who ruined it, yet still control its atrophying carcass, have no realistic hope of infiltrating either of these two big players, Russia and China. What to do... what to do...?

The only hope you have to achieve all your aims is to take out Russia and China with MASSIVE preemptive nuclear strikes. It could be excused by claiming that China was about to invade Taiwan and Russia blew up the US's east european anti-missile system sites. Yeah, that ought to explain it away. The demise of the Negro will have to come later. But the time will come, though; that's for sure. Perhaps in other, more subtle ways (maybe the labs can come up with an 'AIDS Upgrade' - 'AIDS 2.0' maybe - and it won't look like America's to blame). Then there will only be the white European intelligencia in western europe and N. America to worry about. They're dangerous only in so far as their thoughts and statements make them. But banish them all off to the new internment camps in Wyoming and Nebraska with no cellphone or Internet access and problem solved. That will naturally require the suspension of the Constitution which in turn will require yet another false-flag operation, but hell! That's never been a problem!

Nevertheless, it's a challenge. A really BIG challenge. But as an Internationalist Jew, taking on such tasks with relish is in your blood! You'll need to be utterly ruthless, but that's no problem as that's in your bloodline, too. Only TIME is against you. America isn't what it once was. You've bled it dry and Russia and China are now far wealthier and more heavily armed. But America's arms, though fewer, are still smarter. But it wont stay that way for much longer. The clock is ticking..... what are you going to do to ensure you continue to remain Top Dog in a very much slimmed down world? In short: WHEN are you going to press THE button?

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