Thursday, June 7, 2007

American soldiers sacrifice yet more lives for Israel

In the week when the death toll of our young servicemen and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan tops a shameful 3,500, it seems entirely appropriate to point out that these young patriots are fighting and dying not for OUR country, as they believe themselves to be, but for Israel. The fluttering Stars & Stripes may have inspired many of them to enlist and fight for their country in the beginning, and they were no doubt proud to do so. How cheated they would feel had they known the truth, that have in reality laid down their lives for the security of the Jewish squatters of Israel. Imagine the public outcry if all these returned coffins were laid to ground with the Star of David draped over them. Seems crazy? It IS, but it is in TRUTH the appropriate colors, given the service these poor misguided souls have rendered this unlawful Middle East pseudo-state. Now the Republicans want to launch a nuclear strike on Iran for exactly the same reason! The safety and security of the Jew now comes before the lives of our own children!
They CANNOT be allowed to get away with it! We are winning a battle here on the internet over the mainstream, Jewish-controlled media. New findings have established that more than 60% of Americans no longer trust what their government and the media tell them. Let us all work towards spreading Jew-awareness around the world, in an effort to stop all these seemingly endless wars and the inevitable destruction of yet another wave of our valiant, brave, yet ruthlessly exploited young people.