Friday, June 22, 2007

Sharp tuxedos and an urbane air: the lies and BIG Jewish interests behind gambling.

Glamorizing poker and other forms of gaming is selling the people a pig in a poke.
The TRUE reality behind the card table or the roulette wheel is somewhat less glamorous, unless you’re a grifter, a card sharp or a professional high-roller. The vast majority of gamblers are chronic losers who ruin their children’s futures by funneling their precious earnings into the pockets of the Jew. The image of a James Bond figure in a dinner jacket calling “hit me.. hit me…hit me” right up to 21 is just fictional nonsense. Some folks, however, simply can’t see this. On TV – and particularly on TV adverts for gambling (outside of the US, anyway) such dumb-ass behaviour is made to look sooooo coool by the slick Jewish advertising agencies.
The true reality is never shown, however. It amounts to so-called parents shambling out of fancy casinos at 4am drunk as you like with nothing to show for it but holes in their pockets, piss-stains in their pants and wondering how the hell they’re going to finance their kids’ next semester in school. Unable to face the fact that hard times are ahead and that the family home may wind up going under the hammer. That’s the sad reality of heavy gambling for many folks. Unless they’re pros, they should expect to only get back 75% of their stake over time. The Casino’s small print tells them this if they would only take a few moments to read it! Who would be dumb enough to invest in something that paid MINUS 25% interest? That’s what these losers are doing, though.
This is less of a problem in America than it is around the rest of the world, where the Jew has sought to expand his business in this odious field. But our cousins in Europe deserve to be warned of what’s going on. That they CANNOT win over the long term and they are prostituting their child’s future simply to line the pockets of the Jew. That’s the fact of the matter. Only in north America are our relatively few casinos run by Indians. In the rest of the world, it’s our old friends the Jews doing what they do best: skinning everyone alive.