Tuesday, June 5, 2007

France's New Jewish President

The Jew Sarkozy has taken power in France. It is well known that he will follow the Jewish line and put Big Business before the interests of the French people, so why has he suddenly gone all reconciliatory and promised the (notoriously militant) French farmers no reform of their lucrative European Union farm subsidies provided they tow the line and don’t blockade the roads and ports in protest at his imminent reforms to other groupings?
Sarkozy knows the farmers are a very powerful force in France. They are the equivalent to the coal miners in Britain which were taken on and defeated by Margaret Thatcher in 1984/85. But even Thatcher backed down from the miners in their FIRST confrontation. They were too strong to be taken on in her first term as prime minister. They were, however, broken mid-way into her second term once proper preparations were in place. The Jew Sarkozy has noted this lesson of history and will proceed accordingly. He cannot yet take on the farmers, so he has made a deal with them. “Trust me and don’t work against me,” he says, “and I will protect your subsidies.” The farmers should be seriously worried at this offer. The Jew is not yet ready to take them on head-to-head. But he WILL. Make no mistake about it. He WILL have to face them down a couple of years from now. By then, however, the solidarity with other workers and the students will be broken and the farmers will be on their own.
The Jew Sarkozy knows only too well, that to break the French workers, one must first divide them into bite-sized lumps and begin nibbling at the weakest. Only subsequently, in the latter stages can one take on and destroy the most dangerous groupings.
The farmers of France have unwittingly entered into a pact with the Devil.
Sarkozy has successfully passed himself off as one of their own (a renowned Jewish skill) since his father, a farmer himself and Hungarian-Jewish immigrant, was killed by the tractor he was driving on his smallholding. This anticedence lends the Jew Sarkozy some credibility with the farmers. But his father, like the new President, is a ‘friend’ of the farmer second and last and a perfidious Jew first and foremost.
Phaedrus spent many hours personally pleading with the farmers of northern France to wake up to the fatally-flawed agreement they have entered into before it becomes too late. But such is the speciousness of the Jew Sarkozy; so genuine he appears to be, that all warnings were shrugged off. The farmers will only have themselves to blame when the language, culture and history of the entire country is obliterated and re-written by the old enemy; that ancient and eternal enemy of all peoples: the Jew.