Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mercury Falling

A Storm is coming. And a very large and angry storm it will be. A storm that is over 200 years in the making. And it may break over our shores at any time. It is a storm that will (at some considerable yet unavoidable cost) free America from what over many decades it has insidiously and tragically become – little more than a tool of Israel.

So disgracefully distant from our Founding Fathers’ vision that it barely resembles that brave, exemplary, golden, newly-declared, heady republic of 1776. It would not be long before the Eyes of Envy from foreign shores extorted their price from us, as they have indeed been doing for a long time now.

Our once-great country has become infested with foreign agents with a selfish agenda that seeks to destroy us and our cherished way of life. Sinister foreigners want a piece of the action and our hard-won freedoms displease them. Unbelievably, our so-called “leaders” are heavily in hock to these overseas agents! They are in their pay! Where do these enemies come from? From the unlawful pseudo-state of Israel, no less. The Jews of Israel (even though we provided them sanctuary during their expulsion from Nazi-Europe) now seek to deprive us of our right to self-defense - and even our right to say truthfully and freely what we believe; the simple, plain Truth.

They seek to take away our Constitutional right to freely proclaim what we believe at the top of our voices from the highest hilltop. That we remain truly free men affirming our rights to be the same as in 1776 in spite of the phony and unconstitutional laws passed to shackle us by our Jew-riddled Legislature.

We assert we may continue to freely bear arms and we retain this inalienable, unique and priceless right of ours that we hold in perpetuity and no man – least of all a retched, miserable Jew - will ever deny to us. There will undoubtedly come a point in time when we simply MUST act to seize back control of our country. In Phaedrus’ view, that point will be when there is any successful legislative attempt to limit Free Speech in any way, no matter how minor or insignificant it may APPEAR to be. This boundary is the TRUE Rubicon that must not be crossed. If there is any government incursion over it, then we MUST act immediately and take our country back by armed force. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

In preparation for the forthcoming tribulation, we must use every means at our disposal to get our message across to our police and military about what is really going on with our government. We must win them over to our view. If they did but know the truth, the majority of them, decent Americans like you and me, would join our cause.