Friday, June 29, 2007

The envious eyes of Russian Jews enjoy support 'our' support

Source: BBC World:
"Boris Berezovsky is the evil genius who destroyed Russia" – George Soros (one time friend and ally).
This Jewish creep accepts that Putin enjoys the support of at least 70% of Russians.
This Jewish creep calls himself a “democrat”
This Jewish creep is calling for the overthrow of Putin by force “democracy won’t work, it has to be force.”
One of Russia’s richest men to emerge from the shambolic Yeltsin era; one of the 5 original Oligarchs, abandoned Russia 13 years ago when it appeared to be in terminal decline and took his ill-gotten billions abroad. Now the Jew has seen how Russia has prospered since under Putin; the once-emaciated carcass has grown fat again. Now the Jew wants a second bite. He claims the Russian people deserve better, and that he can deliver!!!
When our wonderful President Bush II (and the Ethiopian Jewess Condoleeza Rice) accuse Russia of “backsliding on democracy” this is what they really mean: that Putin is making it difficult for parasites like Berezovsky and his Jewish co-conspirators to seize control of the country and rape it all over again.
Is it really in the interests of America to back a self-serving Jew who wants to depose a democratically-elected President who has done an incredible job of rebuilding a shattered country? No, it’s solely in the interests of Bloody Israel; our once-great country’s singular obsession nowadays.