Friday, June 1, 2007

Sex, Race, Crime and Chaos

For many years, Phaedrus was baffled by the shockingly ‘adult content’ of the vast majority of girls’ teenage magazines. The titles giving rise to most concern were, perhaps unsurprisingly, owned by large Jewish media groups and targeted the 11 to 14 year-old age group. The puzzlement on the part of this author arose out of the following observations:

The magazines invariably try to introduce children to sex before they are legally and emotionally ready.

The magazines encourage white girls to have sex (frequently under-age sex) with black males and promote the idea that this is entirely normal and unremarkable.

The magazines pay little regard to the risk of such consequences as pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and ignore completely the fact that children from such transient ‘relationships’ typically grow up to become the next generation of criminals.

The magazines encourage the idea that extreme slimness is the norm and that any girl larger than size 8 is a fat, ugly freak.

These themes are constantly replayed and reinforced by the wider media, too; most notably in music videos shown on satellite channels where white women flirtatiously cavorting with Negroes is now sadly the norm. But the question kept arising in Phaedrus’ mind: Why? Why? Why??
The answer slowly crystallized and can in fact be inferred from the Jews’ Agenda. By making young white girls unhappy about themselves and their appearance, a feeling of inferiority, self-loathing and worthlessness can be instilled. By constantly having to try to live up to the ‘ideal’ matchstick figure and - naturally failing – the girls’ self-image can be destroyed to such an extent that they will begin to hate themselves. Already brainwashed into believing that sex with Negroes at 14 is acceptable and possibly even “cool” they will feel they deserve and can aspire to nothing better than a deadbeat, drug-dealing black boyfriend who will treat them like the “ho” that they believe themselves to be. They will produce mixed-race offspring in disadvantaged circumstances that will never have the chance to mature straight and true. The sociologists warn us that such children will most probably grow up in financial and intellectual poverty, be more prone to alcohol and drug abuse, impulsive behavior, mental illness and violent crime. Their life expectancy will be shorter and they will be at increased risk of suicide or other forms of violent death.
Why then, does the Jew with his all-encompassing media interests, seek to actively ENGENDER this massive social problem? For those in the know, the answer will be apparent already. To those who aren’t; THINK about it! The subject will be dealt with again in subsequent entries.