Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Turkey should invade Iraq!

Turkey’s long cherished dream of joining the European Union will come to nothing, even more so now with the Jew Sarkozy running France, so there is nothing to be lost in a long-overdue military strike against Iraq’s extreme Western flank in order to take out the Kurds.
The Kurdish people are trouble. They have caused no end of problems for Turkey as well as other countries in the region and have half-crippled Turkey’s invisible earnings since the mid 1990s with their coastal bombing campaign against Western tourists in the south east of this heavily tourist-dependent country.
The Kurds have been blessed in the division of Iraq post Saddam; they have been granted the territory comprising most of the oil-rich areas. Yet that is still not good enough for them. They seek to create an entirely new country called Kurdistan (unlawfully if need be - much like Israel has) and will not desist until their murderous greed has been satiated.
Sometimes, a quasi-military movement deserves to be crushed outright.
One such movement, dear reader, is the PKK., which is the force behind this pressure for an independent Kurdish state – and its utilization of the foulest of means to achieve it.