Friday, June 15, 2007

The Cost of Supporting Israel

Over three-and-a-half thousand American lives and hundreds of billions of dollars have been frittered away in America fighting Israel’s war in the Middle East. The Jews’ groundless fears that Iraq could destroy Israel with terrible weapons has cost us dearly. American taxpayers’ money that could have been invested at home to make life better for our own people; better healthcare, pensions, schools – or simply left in our own pockets. ALL that VAST amount of money squandered for the benefit of the Jew. Should not now the Jews give us a break?

It seems not. There are still, yes STILL some Republicans calling for a repeat performance, this time with Iran! They are looking for excuses to do exactly the same thing in that country too! And over the same fears for Israel’s safety - if they did but have the guts to admit it!

Let Israel Rot, says Phaedrus. Let’s make that into a mantra! Israel’s creation 59 years ago was a dreadful, poorly thought-out mistake and the consequences for world peace have been utterly disastrous. We, the long-suffering American taxpayers, shower the squatters that dwell there (ILLEGALLY in the case of 66% of that land)
FOUR BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR - even in relatively peaceful times!

It’s time to call an end to the funding we can no longer afford and let the Children of Israel fight their OWN battles. The lives of all the Jews in Israel aren’t worth the price of one more American fatality. Get our troops home NOW and in the future, NO MORE PHONY WARS FOR ISRAEL.